Oh man. How we wish we were at this year’s New York Comic-Con (NYCC)!

The huge comic-book convention happened over the weekend at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. It is where the main players in entertainment industry announced the latest updates about the upcoming films, TV series, comics, and games.

Tonnes of comic book fans gathered at the convention, but little did they know, some celebrities sneaked into the convention as cosplayers too 🙂


That’s right.

If you’ve been following 30 Seconds to Mar frontman Jared Leto on Snapchat, you would have noticed how he managed to take photos of some awesome cosplayers at the NYCC with ease.

Well, that’s because he went in disguise to walk among people and hang out with some unsuspecting con-goers. With a full-headed giant baboon mask, most of the cosplayers did not recognise Leto at all, not even his striking blue eyes.

However, the actor-singer himself had fun doing so and he even took a photo with one fan who dressed as his Joker character in Warner Bros’ upcoming “Suicide Squad” film!

He tweeted the photo with the caption: “He has no idea. 🙂 #NYCC2015


Leto wasn’t the only celebrity who managed to fool a majority of con-goers.

There was also Mark Ruffalo, who decided to disguise himself as an old man with a mask. He shrugged off his superhero status and donned an old, wrinkled mask that came with a moustache, giving off an elder “Luigi” vibe with a cap and a green flannel shirt.

Honestly, we wouldn’t have thought that the man behind the mask would be the same guy who plays the very, very angry man Bruce Banner/The Hulk from the “Avengers” films too.

Good job, Ruffalo. Check out his posts below:

Leto and Ruffalo certainly weren’t the only celebrities to have went into the comic-con in disguise. At last year’s San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe walked among people in his Spider-Man suit and posed for photos with some unsuspecting fans too.

This goes to show how cosplayers are really the biggest stars at any comic-book convention, and not the stars themselves.

Source: Yahoo!Loudwire.

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