Let’s see whose fist is the fastest. Yours or mine?

The first teaser trailer for Wilson Yip’s 3rd and final installment of “Ip Man” has finally arrived online and it’s as intense as we expected.

Ip Man 3 Still


The 3rd film sees Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen reprising his role as the legendary “Wing Chun” master, Ip Man. According to Yen, this might be his final martial arts film.

Both Yen and producer Raymond Wong weren’t initially keen on making the 3rd film, especially since various “Ip Man” films by other film companies were released at the time. After careful consideration, Yen agreed to return for the role due to fans’ anticipation.

Ip Man 3

The 3rd film will focus on Ip Man’s relationship with his greatest pupil, Bruce Lee. This decision came after “Ip Man 2” briefly showed Lee as a child.

The 3rd film will show Lee as an adult. However, since the film’s producers Pegasus Motion Pictures could not find any actor who could portray his intensity onscreen, they decided to use CGI to portray Lee.

This move has been challenged by Bruce Lee Enterprises (BLE), who intends to stop Pegasus from including the CGI version of Lee, but Pegasus insisted that Lee’s brother Robert, who works as a consultant on the film, owns the star’s intellectual property rights. Thus, it remains unclear if the CGI Bruce Lee will be featured in “Ip Man 3”.

Besides Bruce Lee, the movie will also pit the “Wing Chun” master against an American property developer and a street fighter portrayed by former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson.

Rising star Max Zhang (of “The Grandmaster” and “SPL 2” fame) will also star in the movie, with Lynn Hung, Simon Yam, and Louis Fan reprising their respective roles.


Check out the teaser trailer below:

“Ip Man 3” is slated for release on 24th December 2015.

For more information, visit the movie’s official Facebook page.

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