Hear that? Amy Adams will be singing her way to our hearts again because rumour has it that a sequel for Disney’s “Enchanted” is currently in the works!

According to Collider, Disney has been planning to develop the sequel for quite some time now. The first film hit theatres 8 years ago and at that time, it was considered a huge hit as it grossed USD340 million worldwide on a USD85 million budget.

However, getting the sequel off the ground has proven to be a little bit more difficult.

Source: Enchanted’s official Facebook page

The first report regarding the sequel emerged in February 2010, with Variety reporting that Walt Disney Pictures planned to make a sequel with producing duo Barry Josephson and BarrySonnenfeld again. “The Proposal” director Anne Fletcher was hired to helm the project based on a screenplay written by Jessie Nelson. The studio had hoped that the original cast members would return to the sequel as they planned to release it as early as 2011.

For some unknown reasons though, the progress on the sequel for the musical live-action/animated fantasy romantic comedy filmhas is slower than expected. James Marsden, who starred as the gallant yet incredibly narcissitic Prince Edward in the first film, also told Coming Soon in an interview that “the clock is ticking on that one”.

He said:

Amy Adams and I are both saying, “If there’s going to be a sequel, we’re not getting any younger.” Since we play sort of ageless animated characters. Hopefully we do.

He added that he has heard that there was “a script out there somewhere”, but he wouldn’t believe it until he read the script.

James Marsden as Prince Edward
Source: Enchanted’s official Facebook page

This is similar to the the 3rd installment of the “Tron” franchise, as it was in development for quite some time too. However, “Enchanted 2” doesn’t share the same fate as “Tron 3” because the studio hasn’t pulled the plug on it yet.

Now, sources are telling Collider that Disney will fast track the project, as the Mouse House “is now in the process of punching up the script with the hopes that it will be in greenlight-ready shape very soon.”

Story details for the sequel are, of course, kept tightly under wraps. What we do know is that its current working title is “Disenchanted”. Fletcher remains attached to direct, but it’s unclear which cast members will return to the project.


Here’s hoping that Adams will lead the cast again with Marsden, Patrick Dempsey, Susan Sarandon, and Idina Menzel.

Source: Collider.

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