Min Ho Ki Hong is too funny for his own good!

The Korean-American actor visited Seoul recently during his “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” promotional tour and took time to quickly whip up a short parody release.

Seoul Runner


Now, “Maze Runner” fans would know that Ki Hong plays the ridiculously handsome Min Ho in the film. But have you, as a fan, ever wondered what would happen if K-Pop and “Maze Runner” collided? Say, if Min Ho woke up in modern-day Seoul instead of The Glade?

Produced by Be FUNNY Studios in collaboration with FOX Studios, the 5 minute-long video is titled “Seoul Runner”, and it features Ki Hong in an ahjumma’s hiking outfit as he tries to escape a maze, warmed with a uh, selfie stick.

The plot is as follows:

Fresh from WCKD’s grasp, Minho (Ki Hong Lee) wakes up in yet another strange place; this time in his homeland of Seoul, South Korea. But WCKD is still hot on his trail, so Minho must disguise himself as an “Ajumma”, a Korean elderly lady. His flashy Ajumma gear will protect him from sun exposure, low blood sugar, and orthopedic strain, but can it protect him from WCKD? “Ajumma is good…”

The best part though, is that the parody clip also stars K-Pop idols Kangnam, NS Yoon-G, with special cameo appearances from 2PM’s Nichkhun and Taecyeon.


Can’t get enough of the “Seoul Runner” parody clips? There’s also an exclusive behind-the-scenes video! Check it out here.


Meanwhile, “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” is out in a cinema near you! Not convinced if you should watch it? Read our movie review here.

Source: BeFUNNY Studios.

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