As you all may know, Leessang’s Kang Gary (otherwise known as just Gary) is about to make his comeback with his first full-length album in a matter of days. The album will be made available to fans in both Korea and China, and Gary even has plans to go all out promoting his self-titled album in China!

TV Report previously quoted Leessang Company as saying:

It’s correct that we are currently planning an Asia showcase tour which will also include China. The details haven’t been set yet.


Why China, you ask?

Gary’s so immensely popular for not only being the rapper and lyricist of the respected hip hop duo Leessang, he’s also a “permanent resident” of the popular South Korean variety TV show “Running Man”.

Kang Gary Solo Album

As such, his name can rival that of any K-Pop idol groups. Needless to say, Gary’s album is something that his fans in the Asian region have been looking forward to with great interest!

The full track list for his album was released a couple of days ago and from the looks of it, it features an array of well-known artistes such as Koonta, Jay Park, Leessang Company’s latest debuted solo artist MIWOO, Don Mills, Double K, Park Myeong Ho, John Park, Jung In, Brown Eyed Soul’s Youngjoon, DJ Pumkin, and Deepflow.

Check it:

Kang Gary Solo Album

And that’s not all!


The first teaser video for one of the title tracks off Gary’s solo album has also been released. Featuring Leessang Company’s first female soloist MIWOO, the “Get Some Air” teaser takes a monochromatic concept as it follows a man driving a convertible down a highway and into an area under what looks like a bridge.

It doesn’t tell us much about the song but at least we kinda know what to expect.

Watch the teaser for “Get Some Air” below:

Gary’s solo album drops 21st September. Start the countdown!

Sources: Koreaboo, akp.

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