Remember when Adam Levine totally his Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson impressions on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show”? We haven’t stopped talking about it until today.

Well, until we saw the latest “Wheel of Musical Impressions”, of course.

Ariana Grande Jimmy Fallon


On Tuesday (15th September), Jimmy Fallon had pop star Ariana Grande over on “The Tonight Show” as his guest and boy, did she take the opportunity to show what she’s truly made of!

He challenged her to a fame of “Wheel of Musical Impressions”, which kicked off with Ariana Grande’s on point nasal rendition of Britney Spears singing “Mary Had A Little Lamb”. Really, if you’ve ever wondered what Britney would sound like performing that nursery rhyme, wonder no more – Ariana just served it up 100% flawless.

Ariana Grande Wheel of Musical Impressions

The 22-year-old singer then went on to nail “The Wheels on the Bus” in true Christina Aguilera style, blowing Jimmy Fallon‘s mind away to smithereens. Her final challenge was to emulate Celine Dion singing “Can’t Feel My Face”, during which she asked Jimmy to chime in and they executed a flawless duet.

“I love this game!”, she exclaimed. And we can see why.

Watch her slay it:

Maybe Jimmy shouldn’t have challenged Ariana eh? 😉


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