Malaysia’s longest-serving Prime Minister is a man of many skills and talents. Aside from just his political career, he’s also quite a businessman, having launched his gourmet bakery and pastry restaurant The Loaf a couple of years ago.

And in case you didn’t hear, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (Tun M) is about to make his acting debut!

Source: Cinema Online
Source: Cinema Online

Last month, Cinema Online wrote that Tun M will participate in the late Martias Mohd Ali’s historical sci-fi film, “Kapsul”. According to “Kapsul” producer Amru Najmi Osman, the former Prime Minister will appear in 5 scenes with the main actor, Faizal Hussein.


Amru Najmi also revealed that the production at first failed to get Tun M to act in the movie, but fortunately, the former premier later accepted after taking a look at the movie’s first draft.

He added that he was surprised to see the level of commitment shown by Tun M during filming, as the 90-year-old did not stick to the original script. Instead, he improvised with his own dialogues that proved to be more precise and impactful than the written dialogues.

Source: The Star Online
Source: The Star Online

The Star Online quoted Tun M, who was present at the press preview in Kuala Lumpur, as saying, “I have a small role. I’ve never done any acting like this before. So I thought why not just go for it. I just have to act as how I usually am in public.”

Now, we know what you’re thinking! Who does Tun M play in “Kapsul”? Well, who better to play Tun M than the man himself, eh? 😉

“Kapsul” stars Faizal Hussein as high-tech security expert Zohri Ibrahim. After making a bet with a few friends, he steals a time capsule planted by Tun M which contains his vision for Wawasan 2020. Once the capsule is activated, he is taken on a journey through time where he learns about the struggles of the generation before him.


Tun M also revealed to The Star Online that he had to shoot more than one take for his scene. “I asked for payment but they don’t want to give me,” he joked. However, when asked if he would act again, Tun M said he’d feel nervous.

“At least I get to tell people that I’ve acted before,” he said.


“Kapsul”, shot with a budget of RM2.3 million, began filming in January 2014 and wrapped up earlier this year. It was shot mostly in Perak, Putrajaya, and Kuala Lumpur.

Watch the trailer below:

“Kapsul” opens in cinemas nationwide on 17th September.

We don’t know about you but we’re looking forward to catching Tun M’s acting debut!

For more information, hit up the movie’s official website.

Sources: The Star Online, Cinema Online.

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