6-member K-Pop idol girl group GFriend (여자친구) is fairly new to the South Korean entertainment industry, having just debuted in January this year. But they just shot to international fame big time.

A fancam video of their “Me Gustas Tu” performance on Saturday in South Korea recently emerged, showing how the girls tumbled and rolled on stage.

Source: YouTube screenshot
Source: YouTube screenshot

The painful blunders started about 25 seconds into their performance in Seoul, with member Yuju (seen wearing a white knee protector) falling once, twice, on and on and over again. In fact, she slipped and fell a total of 8 times during the 4-minute song. Fellow GFriend member SinB also took a big spill and face-planted in the middle of the slippery stage.


However, the girls managed to pick themselves up after each fall and rejoin their members on cue pretty seamlessly, although it must’ve hurt loads each time they slipped and tumbled. So props to GFriend for putting up quite a fight and for handling it well.

Watch the now-viral video below:

Sources: akp, Mashable, GFriend WikiTIME.

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