Above & Beyond have released the officially music video for their upcoming “We Are All We Need” single, “Fly To New York”, and we’re tres excited.

Why? Because it’s more than just another breathtaking Above & Beyond track.

Above & Beyond Fly To New York


The “Fly To New York” video is the latest in a series of clips dedicated to the Above & Beyond trio’s favourite films, with this one paying homage to classic romantic comedy, “Sleepless In Seattle”. On top of that, the track has also been made the official “Electric Zoo: Transformed” anthem.

Written with their long-time collaborator Zoë Johnston, “Fly To New York” is a dream speaking: a journey through the loss of love, and the dichotomy between reality and the dream of what could have been.

Zoë explained:

There’s a knowing feeling that this is obviously a work of fiction and will never come true – however the dream is so beautiful and inviting that inevitably there’s a sadness about these two ‘realities’ existing side by side.

“Fly To New York” first premiered at Above & Beyond’s #ABGT100 celebration at Madison Square garden alongside fellow Anjuna people Mat Zo, ilan Bluestone, and Andrew Bayer.

You ready for it? Watch the “Fly To New York” official music video below:

Don’t forget! Above & Beyond are also due to perform at KL Live, Kuala Lumpur next month. More deets here.


For more information, hit up Above & Beyond’s website or Facebook page.

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