Aww, the YG Entertainment “maknae” we all adore will be making a comeback soon!

Lee Hi (이하이), who shot to stardom with the release of her debut single “” in 2012 after her SBS’s “K-pop Star Season 1” stint, has been quiet for more than a year. Well, save for her HI SUHYUN collaboration with iKON’s Bobby in November last year.

Hi Suhyun


Apparently, she has been quiet because the cute-as-a-button 18-year-old has been busy preparing for her new album!

A YG Entertainment affiliate confirmed that Lee Hi will indeed be making her comeback, although it will be via Tablo‘s independent label HIGHGRND and not YG Entertainment.

Note: HIGHGRND was created by Tablo in order to introduce talented and individualistic artistes.


The affiliate stated, “Since CEO Yang Hyun Suk is so busy nowadays, he worried that he won’t be able to manage Lee Hi’s comeback to the best of his abilities. That’s why he trusted Tablo’s producing skills and left her to him. Tablo accepted his favor without hesitation and is currently under preparation to perfect Lee Hi’s comeback.”

Now, as most of you might already know, Yang Hyun Suk has had his hands full with BIGBANG‘s comeback, iKON‘s debut, WINNER’s comeback, and more. So he had no other choice but to flag Tablo for help.

The affiliate added, “However, this does not mean Lee Hi is not under YG exclusively or that she is a HIGHGRND artist.” and assured that she is still housed under YG Entertainment.

Lee Hi


Hmm, now that she’s going to be releasing music under HIGHGRND, we can’t wait to see her comeback album’s concept! Do you think she’ll be taking a page out of Epik High’s book, considering the fact that she’d most likely be taking cues from Tablo?

Are you excited about Lee Hi’s comeback yet? 😉

We’ll leave you now with one of our favourite Lee Hi music videos, “It’s Over”, off her debut album, “First Love“. Enjoy:

Source: soompi.

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