Finally! After what seemed like forever, more concrete details for Golden Disk Award-winning “baby K-Pop idol” Lee Hi‘s long-awaited album has been released. Less than a week ago, a sneak preview of Lee Hi’s “Turn It Up” was released online. A week before that, a series of teaser images were released via their official YG-Life blog.

If you missed the teasers, here:

Lee Hi Comeback Teaser


The complete information which was released just yesterday states that Lee Hi’s first album will be titled, “First Love” and that it will consist of a total of 10 tracks, to be released in two parts. Part one of “First Love” is slated to be released online on 7th March 2013 (that’s only three days away!), ahead of her comeback stage on 10th March 2013 on “K-Pop Star 2”.

Part two, which contains the remaining five songs from “First Love” plus another title track, “Rose”, will be released in its physical form. “First Love” is result of hard work by not only the young and talented rookie star but also an army of YG Entertainment’s producers such as Teddy, Choice 37, Tablo, Lydia Paek, and more.

Lee Hi It's Over Lee Hi Turn It Up

Full track list is as follows:

Online Release (7th March)

1) Turn It Up
2) Special (ft. Jennie Kim of YG New Artist)
3) It’s Over (Title Track)
4) One-sided love
5) Dream

Full Album Release (21st March)

6) Rose (Title Track)
7) Stupid
8) Because
9) I’m Weird
10) 1,2,3,4


Lee Hi’s intro song, “Turn It Up” is as follows:

[youtube id=”Cfi05-Cr6D0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Lee Hi Turn It Up Lyrics

Another thing to note is that Lee Hi’s “Special” will feature Jennie Kim, a YG Entertainment trainee  that has yet to debut. You may remember her from her appearance in BIGBANG leader G-Dragon’s “That XX”, off his solo album, “One of a Kind”. In the track list, it states, “Jennie Kim of YG New Artist” instead of “Jennie Kim of YG New Girl Group”. Which has left us wondering if she is in fact going to debut as a solo or in a girl group.

Interesting. Can 21st March 2013 come any sooner?

LeeHi First Love Tracklist


The official music video for Lee Hi’s “It’s Over” has been released! Watch:

[youtube id=”UJKOFMUGq2E” width=”600″ height=”350″]

You may also preview the rest of the songs from part one of the release here.


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