Oh boy. The panic button has been pushed and Riley’s parents from Disney Pixar‘s “Inside Out” are freaking out over a boy who shows up unannounced at their house. In their minds, this could only mean one thing: Riley is going on a date!

Well, sort of.

The movie is all about exploring the emotions Riley experiences growing up. But of course, we also get to take a peek inside the minds of Riley’s parents when she displays a certain emotion.


So, in a new Pixar short, the voices in the parents’ minds are telling them to panic (discreetly) over the sudden appearance of the boy because their little girl is growing up so fast that they did not even expect this situation to happen.

Tiled “Riley’s First Date”, the new short is the first spin-off short from “Inside Out”. It will mostly focus on the emotions that now-12-year-old Riley experiences when Jordan (the boy’s name) takes her out for a romantic day of skating. However, Riley’s parents aren’t ready for this yet and their emotions go slightly out of control. Panic ensues for Dad while Riley is nearly overcome by Disgust when Mom tries to play it cool with her.

While all these happen, each of their emotions – Fear, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, and Joy – are portrayed as separate characters unto themselves, all operating in the “headquarters” of their mind.

Take a look at the first clip aired by ABC and Good Morning America (via Yahoo) below:

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“Riley’s First Date” will be included in the digital and Blu-ray release of “Inside Out” on 13th October. Most of the movie’s voice cast will return, with Kyle MacLachlan as Riley’s father, Diane Lane playing her mother, Kaitlyn Dias as Riley, and Ben Cox as Jordan. Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling, and Bill Hader return as Riley’s crew of emotions.

Directed and co-written by Pete Docter, co-directed and co-written by Ronnie del Carmen, and produced by Jonas Rivera, with music composed by Michael Giacchino, “Inside Out” is slated to be released in Malaysian cinemas on 20th August 2015.

For more information on “Inside Out”, visit the movie’s official website or Facebook page. Don’t forget to check some fun facts here and our exclusive interview with Pete Docter here.


Source: Yahoo.

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