French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has come under fire again. This time, for an insensitive and distasteful Flight MH370-related cartoon.

The magazine recently published controversial cover mocking the discovery of MH370’s plane wreckage on Reunion Island. The cover shows a pair of hands groping what appear at first glance to be coconuts, but are actually breasts. Above the image is written what translates as, “We’ve found a bit of the pilot and the air hostess,” as 2 onlookers celebrate in the background.

Charlie Hebdo MH370


The eldest child of Malaysia Airlines’ Flight MH370 chief steward Andrew Nari, 18-year-old Maira Elizabeth Nari, could hardly contain her grief over the cartoon and described it as “dim-witted and repellent”.

She added:

It is unethical of the magazine and disgusting as it (cartoon) humiliates everyone and everything. I cannot believe that such a company or people (behind the magazine) still exist!

39-year-old Kelvin Shim, the husband of MH370 stewardess Tan Ser Kuin, said he was browsing the Internet for an update of the vanished aircraft when he saw the cartoon.

“If their popularity and sales increased from this publication, it is because of people who enjoy this kind of humour. They probably don’t understand how it feels when families go missing or are involved in a terrible tragedy and no remains are found,” he added.

Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) was quick to condemn it too, with MCA publicity bureau chairman Datuk Chai Kim Sen questioning the “conscience and ethics” of the publication. Chai also released a statement on his Facebook page calling for French authorities and media organisations worldwide to censure Charlie Hebdo for humiliating MH370 crew and passengers.

Last known photo of MH370
Last known photo of MH370

This is not the first time that Charlie Hebdo was thrown into negative light for putting out controversial cartoons.

Just a little earlier this year, the magazine’s Paris headquarters became the target of a deadly terrorist attack in response to a number of satirical depictions of Prophet Muhammad. 12 people were killed in the attack, including editor Stéphane Charbonnier and several contributors..


What do you think? Freedom of speech or just done in extremely bad taste? We say in utter bad taste!

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