Though it only takes a few seconds to complete, there’s nothing more fun than splashing down a water slide. But what if we told you that someone is going to close off an entire street for everyone to shoot down a water slide in the middle of the city?  Sounds like a good idea, ain’t it?

Well, grab your swim trunks and slap on some sunscreen. The global urban water chute phenomenon, “Slide the City”, is ready to make a splash again when it “slides” into Malaysia!

Slide the City Japan


Hailing all the way from the US, the huge water slide party event is ready to turn our city into a humungous water park soon. Though details are currently kept under wraps, thousands of thrill-seeking buddies are expected to participate in the event which previously took place in major cities around the world, including London, Las Vegas, Sydney, Paris, and Amsterdam.

This event happened a while ago in Seoul, Korea too. Our editor Lainey spotted this giant water slide attraction while strolling through the streets in Sinchon earlier in June.


According to CNN, “Slide the City” was founded by T.R. Gourley, John Malfatto and David Wulf. Inspired by their own childhood memories, they opened the first slide in Salt Lake City, the company founders’ hometown, in 2013.

The 1,000 feet long and 24 feet wide water slide, which is the size of 3 or more football fields, is usually divided into 3 lanes designated for single sliders, groups of up to 9 people, and families with kids. It was made from industrial vinyl in the US and will carry sliders to an 8-to 10-inch deep pool at the finishing line. The company got the slide padded, but inflatable tubes are still required for a smooth and safe ride.


Kids are invited to participate the slide too, as long as they are over 46 inches tall and 5 years or older. Anyone under the age of 18 will need to get a sign off from their legal guardians too. Though everyone is encouraged to come dressed to impress, clothing with rivets or jeans are generally not allowed to ensure a safe slide.

Take a look at how the event was done in other cities here:

Food and drinks will be made available at the party and a live music event will be held too. Participants are encouraged to bring extra dry clothes, floaties, and water guns to squirt, spray, splash, and get all attending soaked 😀

UPDATE (28th August, 12:06pm):

The pre-registration for Slide The City in Malaysia is now open 😀

Head on over to this website and follow 4 simple steps to be one of the first few Malaysians to get the Slide the City tickets! The organiser will send you an email about the ticket purchase date and you can purchase the tickets at a special price!

Stay tuned to the event’s official website and Facebook page for more updates.

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