Gorgeous K-Pop idol HyunA is all set to make a comeback this month 😉

About a year ago, she set the South Korean music industry on fire with the release on her third EP, “A Talk”, which featured the sexy lead single, “Red”. And she’s ready to do it all over again!

HyunA A+ Trailer


The 4Minute rapper and one-half of sub-unit Trouble Maker released her new album trailer today, something that her fans have eagerly been waiting for. HyunA’s upcoming 4th mini album will be titled “A+” and is rated “19+” or “R”. In the trailer, she is seen flaunting her flawless body and getting wild at a party. HyunA can also be seen from the back as she walks into a mansion, um, topless, before sliding into a swimming pool. We need to add that there’s some making out in the video and crazy times.

What a risqué concept! This could just be the most daring thing HyunA has done to date.

Watch the NSFW video below:

HyunA is expected to make her comeback soon! Who’s excited? 😉

For more comeback teasers, stalk her via Instagram.

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