In December 2014, it was announced that Warner Bros. Records was staking its claim in the EDM world by signing one of the genre’s biggest players, 44-year-old DJ/producer Kaskade.

And now, the 3-time Grammy nominee finally has something to show for it 🙂



In April this year, Kaskade confirmed that he was preparing to launch his 8th studio album. Along with the announcement came the release of his new track, “Never Sleep Alone”, which features vocals from Tess Comrie. Staying true to his style, “Never Sleep Alone” fits the soft, melodic, translucent, “Kaskade feel” that we’ve fallen in love with over the years. The song pulls influence from several different electronic sub-genres including trance, electro, and even future house.


If it’s anything to go by, his upcoming studio album could consist of more songs with the same vibe. But it left fans (like ourselves) wondering, “What will Kaskade’s new album be called?”

Just today, he began teasing his fans with one-by-one letter reveals of the album title. If you’re already following him on Twitter, you would’ve seen his slew of hints a couple of hours ago. But in case you missed it, here:


Did you get that? 🙂

Yes, Kaskade’s upcoming album will be titled, “Automatic”. After flooding Twitter with alphabets, he later posted up a rainbow prism album artwork to further confirm it.

It would mark his first release under Warner Bros. Records. The only thing that was missing from the announcement was a release date, but rumour has it that “Automatic” will be out this fall aka before the year ends.

Can’t wait to hear his new music? If you’re going for “It’s The Ship” this year (Asia’s largest festival at sea), chances are you might get to hear new Kaskade material during his set. But don’t tell anyone that we told you that 😉

For more information on Kaskade, hit up his website or Facebook page.

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