With over 60 million Twitter followers, it’s no surprise that Taylor Swift would have her fair share of crazy fans too.

During her recent “1989” World Tour concert in Edmonton, an oversealous fan tried to grab her leg and almost pulled her off stage.

Taylor Swift Edmonton


The singing starlet was in the middle of performing her hit song “Bad Blood” at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta when 2 Swifties jumped up and grabbed her leg. You can see the shock on Tay Tay’s face, who luckily was able to pull away and compose herself quickly before continuing the show, sauntering away like a pro.

The incident was captured on camera by a fellow concertgoer, and a second video shows 2 men in white rushing to the stage before apprehended by security.




Phew, that was a close call. We’re glad Tay Tay is alright 🙂

Meanwhile, Tay Tay is slated to release her next single off “1989”, a sexy track titled, “Wildest Dreams“. We’re still rooting for her real-life boyfriend Calvin Harris to make a special appearance in the music video.

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