Austin Mahone gets steamy in “Dirty Work” music video.

Patterned to the sitcom “The Office”, the 19-year-old is told that he has to work all night in the clip. Complete with a Steve Carell look-alike boss and hilarious behind-the-scenes interviews with Mahone’s “co-workers”, the video is one part “The Office”, one part hot and steamy cubicle romance and one part mega dance party.




The video sees Mahone being told that he has to stay late to finish a project, but fortunately for the  “Mmm Yeah” singer, he won’t be the only one staying late. Dressed in a crisp white button up shirt and a black tie, Mahone takes full advantage of working overtime by seducing a sexy new hire.

Mahone does his part in showing her around the office while the entire staff watch as they get their flirt on. At one point in the “Dirty Work” music video, Mahone and his new hot co-worker sneak into the boss’ office for a steamy time before the entire staff forgo all responsibility and turn up together.



Fortunately for us, it’s Friday so Mahone’s “Dirty Work” music video sets the tone for the weekend.

Check out the video below.

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via E Online

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