It’s official – Sunye and Sohee will no longer promote themselves as members of the Wonder Girls 🙁

Millions of hearts around the world broke as it was reported that the South Korean idol girl group will now promote as a 4-member band following Sunye and Sohee’s departure. Both departing members will now focus on their respective solo careers and have encouraged fans to support the group’s future activities.

Wonder Girls Sunye and Sohee


According to Soompi, JYP Entertainment confirmed the members’ departure through a press statement that was released on Monday (20th July).

In the statement, they said:

Sunye and Sohee, who have promoted as members of the Wonder Girls, have withdrawn from the team. As a result, the Wonder Girls will be promoting as a 4-member group (Yeeun, Yubin, Sunmi, and Hyelim).

Wonder Girls, who were initially rumoured to make a comeback as early as late July, will return to the Korean music scene sometime this summer. According to JYP, they will return as a band instead of a dance group. The girls were said to have carried their own instruments during the music video shoot. It was revealed that “they have been practicing playing the instruments for a long time”.

Wonder Girls

In the press statement, JYPE cited Sunye’s devotion to her family life as the reason for her departure from the group. She decided to withdraw from the group and terminated her contract.

As for Sohee’s reason for her withdrawal from Wonder Girls, JYPE explained:

Sohee has also decided to withdraw because she desires to focus on the work that she wants to do.


Despite their departure from the group, JYPE revealed that the girls will still support the remaining members in the future:

Even for this upcoming (Wonder Girls) album, Sunye and Sohee did not hold back their support for all the members. They will continue to encourage one another and remain good friends. Please show a lot of love and anticipation for the Wonder Girls’ future activities.

No further details regarding their departure or Wonder Girls’ comeback were revealed, but are you sad that Sunye and Sohee have decided to leave? Because we are 🙁

UPDATE (22nd July, 9am):

Both Sunye and Sohee have taken to the Wonder Girls’ official fan cafe to write heart-wrenching letters, detailing their ultimate decision for leaving the group.


While JYPE’s explanation has been short and somewhat impersonal, Sunye’s and Sohee’s letters are more intimate.


Hello Wonderfuls who I’m always thankful for! Today may be the last day I write something here as a member of Wonder Girls..^^ When I look back on the last eight years I have walked with you all, I only have things to be grateful for. I can’t even begin to name all of them.. When I reminisce on the times we spent together and recall the moments every now and then in the future, the fact that you were there will be a love I will never be able to repay. The love and encouragement you poured forth for me, I will never forget! I want to say thank you one more time. There must be a lot of things you want to say. There must be a lot of things you want to ask. I can’t say spill everything now.. what I wanted to say the most was that I’ve been very thankful all this time… I want to ask that you cheer on each member of Wonder Girls for the much cooler and mature people they have become after giving their all for three years ^^ I want to say sorry for not taking on all the responsibility and lacking as the leader! I’ve had priceless experiences and realized many precious things in my journey with Wonder Girls members and you all. From now on, I will live my life the best I can as a mother and wife. You won’t be able to see me as a part of the Wonder Girls from now on.. I will come back to you to show an better me when the time is right ^^ Wonderfuls, you have always been thoughtful, polite, and patient. Please keep on sincerely cheering on the Wonder Girls as you’ve always done and please respect their choices and paths! I want to express my grateful heart one more time. Thank you Wonderfuls!


Hello, This is Sohee. It’s been a while. I saw that a lot of people were curious about and interested in our situation after news of Wonder Girls’ comeback. I have always felt grateful that so many of you still show an interest in me and love me. I’m uploading this letter because I think it’s only polite to personally give my account amid all your interest. I have ended my activities as a Wonder Girls member as of today. I have thought about [my decision] a lot and talked it over many times with the members. But I felt that it will be a detriment for the group if I pursue both singing and acting at a stage when I’m still too lacking to call myself an actress. I plan to give my all in cheering on the Wonder Girls in the future. I’m just sad that I can’t continue as a part of the Wonder Girls till the very with the loving fans whom I have made the happiest memories. From now on, I will show you a better me as an actress that won’t disappoint your expectations. Thank you.

We will leave you with one of our favourite Wonder Girls’ songs, “Tell me”.


Sources: Soompi, akp.

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