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Australia’s leading female DJ, Tigerlily is the queen of dance floors, lover of mermaids, and leader of #TeamUnicorn and she is also no stranger to the dance music scene. Coming a long way from when she first started her career in DJing 4 years ago, Tigerlily has toured Asia supporting the legendary Tiësto, played at some of the biggest clubs including Hakkasan, Las Vegas and also Malaysia’s leading dance club, Zouk Club KL. Tigerlily is also known for her music which is as vibrant as her gorgeous hair colour.



Having recently placed #4 on the recent InTheMix People’s Choice Award, Tigerlily will be making her way to the return of Asia’s largest festival at sea, It’s The Ship. Thanks to our buddies at Livescape Asia, we managed to chat with Tigerlily about everything from winning awards to spiders and snakes, and to gearing up for It’s The Ship.

Hey Dara! Congratulations on placing fourth in the InTheMix People’s Choice Award.

Thank you very much! Thank you, I am very very happy. It’s one spot up from last year which is always a great achievement.

In 2011, you joined Australia’s DJ training program and competition “Your Shot”, in which you placed second. What lead to you joining the program?

I’ve always wanted to be a DJ and be a part of music. I’ve always been a big music lover and music has always been a big part of my life. I played a lot of music instruments as a child and all throughout high school and so I think it was very much a natural progression to fall into a career which was music-related. I started to go clubbing at about the age of 18 and I used to think that it looked really fun when I saw other people deejay so I started to think that “Oh, I could do that” and “That could be me” so that was the main inspiration to give it a go and see if it was something I would like and be able to do so yeah.

That’s great because that kinda led to you being where you are now.

Yes! It has been such a great journey.


What are you currently working on – collaborations/originals?

I’m working on heaps of collaborations at the moment. I’ve actually almost finished my EP which is to be out really, really really soon. I’m just about to release my first single, we’re just putting some final touches on it and hopefully it’ll be out in a month, so it’s very exciting. My EP is coming out towards the end of the year and I’m really excited about it because I’ve been working really hard on it for about 12 months now so it would be really nice for everyone to see what I’ve been working on and what kind of music I like.

We’ll definitely keep an eye out for your EP! You’re playing for It’s The Ship 2015. Are you excited and what are you looking forward to most?

Yes, do that (laughs)! I haven’t DJ-ed on a cruise ship before. I’ve been on it but never played on one so I’m super excited. I think I’m mostly looking forward to interacting with the fans and all the people who’ve come to listen to the music. I think that, for me, is going to be the best part of it. I’m really, really, really excited because I love cruises and I love Asia so I’m really looking forward to it.


Have you given any thought as to what your set would be like – are you going to plan it or are you just going to go with the flow?

I always go with the flow to be honest. I think that’s really important, trust your instincts I suppose. I think that always makes for a better set because you can kind of relate to the crowd, what they want to hear, and how the night is going. I like to tell a story through my music so that’s what I’m going to do.

Off the top of your head, name 3 artistes or DJs that you’d love to collaborate with.

Oh hmm..(laughs). There are so many incredibly talented people out there. But a DJ that I would love to collaborate with would be Porter Robinson because I think he’s incredibly talented and very much ahead of the game with what he’s doing. He’s always very forward thinking. An artiste would be someone like Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. I think working with them vocally on a track would be very cool because it’ll be great to have such a powerful name and voice to work with. I think also, my producer crush from when I’ve been a teenager is deadmau5 because he’s so incredibly good at what he does. I think to work with someone like that would just be crazy.

Well, maybe in the near future, these dream collaborations will come true!

We never know (laughs).

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Does it matter if it’ll make you fat?

IMG_0124 copy

No (laughs).

Oh it’s so hard. If it’s something savoury, it would have to be pizza and if it was something sweet, it’ll be gelato.

Okay last one, if you had to pick, would you rather immerse yourself in a bathtub of snakes or spiders?

(Gasps) Oh my gosh, neither! Oh Jesus. To be honest, I really hate spiders but I think you would be more likely to get out alive if it was a bathtub of spiders as opposed to snakes. Because snakes would most definitely bite you whereas the spiders will hopefully just crawl all over you so yeah let’s go with spiders (laughs).

And it’s a wrap! Thank you so much for talking the time out to chat with us.

It was my pleasure. Thank you too and have a beautiful day ahead!

You too! See you on It’s The Ship 2015.

We had such a blast chatting with Tigerlily and we can’t thank our buddies at Livescape Asia enough for setting it up for us. For more on Tigerlily, stalk her via her social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We’ll leave you now with “Faith”:

It’s The Ship 2015 is set to depart from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre in Singapore on 20th November (Friday), crossing international waters on the Straits of Malacca to the tropical island of Langkawi in Malaysia for a beach party, before returning to Singapore’s shores on 23rd November (Monday).

Deets for It’s The Ship can be attained via its official website and Facebook page.

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