The thunder buddies are back!

Oh you know, we’re talking about John and his longtime buddy Ted, the talking teddy bear that swears a lot.

Source: Comingsoon
Source: Comingsoon

Ted 2” a follow-up to the top grossing original R-rated 2012 comedy will see Seth MacFarlane return to performing triple duties once again – to direct, pen the script as well as to voice Ted in the film. Mark Wahlberg and Jessica Barth are reprising their roles as John Bennett and Tami-Lynn McCafferty respectively. The film will also star Amanda Seyfried as Samantha Leslie Jackson, Ted’s lawyer.


Just when you thought you’ve seen enough in the first official trailer of “Ted 2”, AMC decided to drop an exclusive trailer that parodies “Star Wars: The Force Awaken” and now, Universal Pictures has released another new trailer offering new scenes along with even more sarcastic dialogues.

Source: Comingsoon
Source: Comingsoon

In case you missed it, “Ted 2” tells the story of him and his human girlfriend, Tami-Lynn McCafferty getting hitched. They married couple plan on having a baby but that’s no walk in the park and they’ve got some major roadblocks up ahead. Firstly, Ted has no ability to reproduce which leads the newly weds to seek for a sperm donor. Secondly, the court does not see Ted as human being. In order to have the baby, Ted, with the help of his buddy, John, had to be able to prove that he is “human” by court of law.

The newest trailer, “Thunder” is a little different from the previous two trailers as this clip reveals that things are not running accordingly and smoothly for Ted and his wife when Ted was declared that he is not a person, which messes up his plans to adopt children.

Watch the trailer here:

“Ted 2” is to hit cinemas near you on 25th June 2015.

Source: Comingsoon

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