Our local singer-songwriter Elizabeth Tan has done it again!

The YouTube sensation first swept us off our feet with her chock-full of charm and talent when we watched her sing “When I’m Gone (Cups)” ala Anna Kendrick style complete with actual cups and perfect coordination on her YouTube channel. Oh, you know, the one from the first “Pitch Perfect” movie.

Source: facebook.com/elizabethtsmfan
Source: facebook.com/elizabethtsmfan

Then, she swept us off our feet again when she flawlessly performed a cover of local artiste Joe Flizzow’s “Havoc“, which was she later got to sing alongside the man himself on Fly FM.


And now, she’s back to do that all over again with a brand new music video for her aptly named original song, “The World Can Wait”.

You see, the “The World Can Wait” music video was done in collaboration with our friends from GrimFilm as well as Nestle Malaysia for the new La Cremeria stick. The new ice cream believes in one thing and one thing only:

This is an experience you want to make time for. This defines indulgence and what it means to savour the moment. Are you ready?

Well, are you? 😉


Okay, so where do we get our ice cream?

For more information on Elizabeth Tan, visit her Facebook page.

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