After countless teasers and previews, the official music video for 2PM’s “My House” has finally dropped!

On 15th June, JYP Entertainment released the music video, which features the boys of 2PM dressing up and acting as gentlemen in order to invite a mysterious “Cinderella” back to their house. As at time of writing, the music video has already amassed over 569 thousand views and over 51 thousand likes.



In the video, a clock-ticking sound is heavily synthesised into the song, which can be interpreted as time is running out. This could be referred to the traditional fairytale “Cinderella“, where the princess has to leave the ball before 12am. A dreamy mood also permeated the music video as various fantasy elements such as a bunny (reminiscence of “Alice in the Wonderland”), an apple (reminiscence of “Snow White“), a pair of glass shoes (reminiscence of “Cinderella”), and a beast’s claw (reminiscence of “Beauty and the Beast“) were added.

Watch the enchanting music video here:

Though the views for the music video is at a moderate amount now, but we’re sure that it will slowly increase as the company has agreed to gift fans with a dance practice video of “My House” if the music video hits 3 million views and a special dance practice video if it hits 5 million views.

In other news, JYP Entertainment has released a few behind-the-scene photos of 2PM’s album jacket shoot.

Take a look in the gallery below:

“My House” will be featured in 2PM’s 5th and latest album, “No.5“, which is aptly named as it is the boy group’s 5th album since their debut in 2008. The album has simultaneously been released in both digital and physical form and is available in both online and physical music stores.

Sources: 2PM’s Official Facebook, Genie

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