Say what you want about the infamous “internetz” troll (also world famous producer) deadmau5, he has just proved that he’s still got it. That, and much more.

Sure, he’s not a fan favourite. Especially for those who have been following his social media antics quite closely. But it seems like Twitter hasn’t drained him of all his creative juices just yet because will you just look at his new stage!

All photos by @thesupermaniak for Beatport
Picture by @thesupermaniak for Beatport

Recently revealed during his set at the Governors Ball NYC, his brand new stage design comes after years of development, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and all the hype in the world.


Unlike the mau5cube, the iron-wrought Thunderdome-inspired mousetrap setup features a luminescent dome inside a larger lattice of lights. Believe it or not, the structure’s outer shell dramatically slides open to reveal lighting panels spinning and pulsing around the center pod, where deadmau5 stands. To top it all off, this whole mau5 shebang/getup/epic-ness is supported by a towering screen behind him, which is synched with custom visuals. Oh, and also a new mau5head to boot for the grand debut.

Check out the pictures of the epic stage from the gallery below:

*Pictures from Beatport.

Talk about perfect production to a T!

Note: Word has it that not everything went according to plan for poor ol’ mau5 as his set plunged into a deafening silence due to a power issue right after a strong start. It was no matter to deadmau5 though, as he bounded to the front of the stage to theatrically do some push-ups while waiting for the technical issue to be fixed.

Such sense of humour, he has! But we’re not entirely surprised. Pulling off a great performance has always been deadmau5’s forte, after all 😉

Watch his Governors Ball NYC set here:


For more information on deadmau5, hit up his Facebook page or stalk his now-all-too-popular Twitter.

Sources: Beatport, youredm.

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