Back in October last year, they were reports of dance music festival juggernaut Tomorrowland’s plans on an Indian expansion.

Alas, the reports weren’t exactly true although yes, Tomorrowland is still kinda, sorta going to India.

Tomorrowland Livestreaming


At that time, Tourism Minister of Goa, Dilip Parulekar confirmed to local news outlet Goa Com:

Apart from the proposal received from Precept Company and VH1 Supersonic to host musical events in December, we have also received a proposal from one of the most notable global music festival groups, Tomorrowland. The event organisers have approached us and have shown interest to host the event in mid-January, but the responsibility for identification of land will be (taken care of by) the group since they require 3.5lakh (100,000 square meters), which is particularly difficult to (find).

Right now, Tomorrowland and the companies behind it, SFX and ID&T, are putting all of their focus on the 11th edition of Tomorrowland in Belgium, the 3rd edition of TomorrowWorld in US, and the 2nd edition of Tomorrowland Brasil in 2016″.

As such, there won’t be a Tomorrowland festival in India for the time being.

But that doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten all about the amount of fans they have there. After all, India is beginning to be recognised as a popular stop for dance music artistes as well as festival organisers (read: Sunburn Festival).

Tomorrowland Brasil

All 3 of the festivals sell out in no time and this means that a lot of “People of Tomorrow” have to get left out each time – like ourselves.

That’s why, during the 11th edition of Tomorrowland, on 25th July (Saturday), there will be a satellite link set up from Boom (Belgium) to 2 other continents under the title, “UNITE”:

  1. Latin America
  2. Asia

Tomorrowland will host live events in both Mexico City and Mumbai, and organisers will have the opportunity to curate a one-of-a-kind event where livestreaming meets the real world, including live local DJs and “plenty of showmanship and fireworks”. Like a mirror to Tomorrowland, a live video connection will be made from Boom to Mexico City and Mumbai, and back again.

Watch the promo video here:

On 2 different continents, tens of thousands of guests will be able to experience “UNITE” as one. We’re totally sold!

For more information on Tomorrowland, visit their website or Facebook page.

Source: youredm / Pictures from Tomorrowland’s Facebook page.

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