Diplo, Walshy Fire, and Jillionaire are moving at full throttle ahead with the release of their 3rd album, “Peace is the Mission”. Oh, but that hasn’t stopped frontman Diplo from taking time off his busy schedule from juggling his “Daddy time“, personal Diplo projects, Major Lazer projects, and Jack Ü projects to humour his fans via a live reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).

What, you don’t believe us? Here’s proof:

Diplo reddit AMA 2015
Source: reddit

Of course, he’s no stranger to the reddit AMA format. In fact, he fielded questions quite like a boss – a “Mad Decent” boss, that is.


Diplo allowed for plenty of new revelations to be dispensed this time around, from the status of unreleased fan favourites to enquiries about M.I.A., to Major Lazer’s production setup and another Jack Ü album, and finally, the big “Be Together” lyric video reveal. But we’ll get to that later!

Here are 10  things we learned from the reddit AMA:

  1. That Jack Ü and Major Lazer are collaborating, and it’s going to be “BIG”.
  2. An artiste that he wants on “Diplo and Friends” (his BBC Radio 1Xtra show): “Led Zeppelin.”
  3. That he used to love hardcore punk music: “I used to love all hardcore punk that toured Florida in the 00s.”
  4. On his Snapchat habit: “I cant even receive snaps anymore they delete after 5 minutes.”
  5. How Jack Ü came to be: “Years ago I met Skrillex and gave him this song called Amplifier.. we didnt finish it but we made Jack U over the last year for fun in LA late nights.”
  6. A long list of Major Lazer’s influences include The Clash, PIL, Gorilllaz, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Stromae, Afrika Bambaataa, Shabba Ranks, James Brown, KC and the Sunshine Band, DJ Uncle Al, New Order, The Cure, Aphex Twin. Man, and “too many to mention”.
  7. He casually confirmed another Jack Ü album with “El Cuco” on it, but Jack Ü won’t be putting out any new music this summer.
  8. On deciding what to play as Diplo vs what to play as Major Lazer in a show: “Major Lazer new tour is basically all Major Lazer songs and edits. We do a lot of the new slow stuff like “Be Together” with an amazing stage and dance routine.”
  9. The story behind his “Doctor Peppercollab with 2NE1 leader CL: “Just something I thought would be great to put out that would make a bigger impact… outside of K-Pop, but introduce her to new fans. The song goes hard af.”
  10. That he’s not really on good terms with M.I.A.: “I think she unfollowed me again.”

As promised, we’ll leave you now with the lyric video for “Be Together”.


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Sources: reddit AMA, edmtunes, Billboard.

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