There’s a reason why or how Eric Prydz is where he is today, and it’s a damn good solid one.

Known to be the titan of everything under the progressive umbrella, the DJ/producer has just released a music video for his latest single, “Generate”.

Eric Prydz Generate


Directed by San Francisco-based GMUNK, a self-described “longtime Eric Prydz fan,” who has done hologram and UI work for the blockbusters like “Tron” and “Oblivion”, the “Generate” video is a more colorful interpretation of the melodic and uplifting track as cameras weak through a lit up metallic structure with various effects, rendering a kaleidoscope of various crystalline images.

And in not so many words, it’s hella trippy.

It also pretty much displays how Eric hasn’t strayed from his trademark style of music production. That is, by using only a few condensed elements throughout the track but yet making it sound impactful.

Check out the track and the behind-the-scenes videos below:

“Generate”, which adds to Eric’s long list of groundbreaking tunes, is the second single from him this year, but expect to hear a lot from him as he gears up for his biggest year yet with 3 EPs and an album, “PR(10)DA” over the next few months.

Want it? Head on over to iTunes to pre-order “Generate” today, which will be fully available on 8th June.


Sources: Music Times, EDM Tunes.

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