One thing that has always intrigued us is how an a cappella group is able to sing in perfect pitch and in rhythm all the time. It’s as though they were born with voices that fit naturally together and create perfect harmonies. But of course, no one can really pull pitches out of thin air, unless you’re in the “Pitch Perfect” movie. It became clear to us that being incredibly in sync isn’t how Pentatonix won the 3rd season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off” and earned a huge legion of fans from all over the world.

Last Saturday (30th May) night, the Grammy-winning a cappella group showed us how strong teamwork and their regular practice sessions turned them a finely tuned music machine at their debut show in Malaysia.

Pentatonix Live in Malaysia


Organised by BlackCat Live and The WonderLand+, “Pentatonix Live in Malaysia” was an absolute blast with over 4,000 fans flocking to Stadium Negara for their one-night-only gig. Originating from Arlington, Texas, the quintet comprises of Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstie Maldonado, Avi Kaplan, and Kevin Olusola. At 8am sharp, the eclectic a cappella group kicked off their concert with an impressive mashup of the popular hit singles, both old and new.

Shortly after, the intro/mashup was followed by their rendition of Ariana Grande’s “Problem”, that soon transitioned into a fierce Beyonce medley. From “Survivor” to “Irreplaceable” to “Put A Ring On It”, the mashup of Beyonce hits made the crowd go wild as they continuously cheered insanely for them. This prompted the group to take a short break and say, “We’re already completely obsessed with you! And that’s just the truth.”

Fans considered themselves lucky as the quintet also performed their version of Beyonce “Telephone”, the very first song that they arranged and later gained attention on YouTube.


During their debut show in Malaysia, Pentatonix admitted that they’re obsessed with Sam Smith and went on to perform the entire version of “La La Latch”. Needless to say, it was a completely flawless performance and we’d lying if we said we didn’t get goosebumps. As if that wasn’t enough to impress us, the 5-member group further wowed the crowd with highly energetic renditions of Jazmine Sullivan’s “Love You Long Time” and Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be”.


We must say, every single one of them really did blow the cover to epic proportions as they hit all the right notes.

The group also mentioned that they were truly thankful for everyone who came for their show that night as they took the opportunity to share the story about how they started and how fans from all over the world helped them win a Grammy award. They also thanked the fans for remaining insanely cheerful throughout their entire performance.


Kevin later showed up onstage again with his cello for his solo performance. The talented vocalist showed fans a different side of him as he skillfully merged “beatboxing” with the classical cello version of “Julie-O”. Kevin’s breathtaking solo was followed up by Stromae’s hit “Papaoutai”, a song that they tackled in a foreign language and added a fresh new vibe to it. Their opera moment and their rendition of “Aha!” further blew our minds as it was almost impossible to believe that they could create such divine harmony together.

While they were performing their version of Paul McCartney and Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds”, fans cheered loudly for Avi and Kevin as they also performed a show-stopping duet. It’s no wonder that fans are obsessed with these multitalented performers, whose voices are so perfectly in sync. After they performed a hair-raising rendition of Ariana Grande and Zedd’s “Breakfree”, they gleefully took a picture of the crowd and uploaded it to their social media platforms.

Pentatonix in Malaysia 2015

Of course, a Pentatonix show would be incomplete if they didn’t take us through a music time warp by performing one of their most dynamic song medleys, “Evolution of Music”. This explosive medley, which consists of numbers like Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” and Backstreet Boys‘ “I Want It That Way”, brought our respect for the group to a whole new level as they were able to sing it in one take.

The spine-chilling moment came when Avi was showcasing his deep bass on “Standing By”. While lighting up the whole stadium with their cellphone flashlights, the crowd went quiet and sang along to the song instead. The quintet further arranged for the crowd to sing with them for an a cappella version of their original song, “On My Way Home”.


With that, we thought that Pentatonix had already wrapped up their show, especially when they waved their fans goodbye. However, fans decided to chant “PTX!” repeatedly so that the quintet would come back onstage for an encore. After all, there were a lot of medleys that the group has yet to perform for their Malaysian fans. Fortunately for everyone, the group did reappear onstage to perform 2 songs in a row.

Not only did they perform their latest release “That’s Christmas To Me”, they ended the night on a high note with their trendy rendition of “Daft Punk” mashup.

“Pentatonix Live In Malaysia” Set List

  • Intro/Mashup
  • Problem
  • Beyonce Medley
  • Telephone
  • La La Latch
  • Love You Long Time
  • Rather Be
  • PTX Story Moment
  • Julio – O
  • Papaoutai
  • Opera Moment
  • Aha!
  • Four Five Seconds
  • Breakfree/See Thru
  • Evolution of Music
  • Standing By
  • On My Way Home


  • That’s Christmas To Me
  • Daft Punk

Special thanks to BlackCat Live and The Wonderland+ for organising this event and we certainly hope that Pentatonix will return to wow their Malaysian fans again 😉

For more information about, visit their official website or follow them on Facebook page and Twitter.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Pentatonix’s official YouTube channel too!

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