Now 3-member group MBLAQ has officially started to tease fans for their comeback!

On 28th May, the group released a series of individual image teasers to confirm their upcoming release. As most of you might already know, this comeback will mark their first official release as MBLAQ sans former members Lee Joon and Thunder (now known as Park Sang Hyun).

As indicated in the tweets, they’ll be coming back with “Mirror” and the photo series includes Mir, G.O, and Seung Ho in a neutral, colourless setting. Each member bore blank and pensive expressions, and come off blurred as if in mid-action.


The group is expected to make a comeback in June. It was also reported that one of the songs is self-composed by G.O and that Mir also participated in writing the lyrics for their upcoming album.

So much suspense! We can’t wait to see what the MBLAQ boys will have to offer 😀

Source: Koreaboo, akp.

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