With close to a million YouTube subscribers and a total of 125 million YouTube views to date, one guitar-toting singer is certainly no stranger to the music industry.

Oh, you know the one.

David Choi Interview


Having recently signed an exclusive licensing deal with Warner Music Asia Pacific, American-born Korean singer-songwriter and YouTube sensation David Choi is diving right into all the hard work that’s required of him to get his music out to the masses. In fact, the musician was in town for a quick holiday recently and yet, he took a few days off his break to promote his new album, “Stories of You’s and Me”.

Released on 14th April 2015, “Stories of You’s and Me” was self-produced by the independent artiste and features his beautiful works such as “All I Need” and “You and Me”. As he continues to tour and share his music with the people from all walks of life in every corner of the world, we jumped at the opportunity to meet up with him real quick while he was here to talk about the album, amongst other things.

Here’s what went down:

Welcome back to Malaysia, David. It’s good seeing you again!

Likewise 🙂

You’ve been an independent artiste for a long time but you’ve recently signed with Warner Music Asia Pacific. What made you decide to do so?

I signed a licensing deal with Warner because I wanted to share my new album with more people and the one thing that labels are good at is getting songs on radio, and also getting..you know, really awesome people like you guys to talk about it. Hopefully good things (laughs). But yeah, I’m really excited to work with them and they’ve been really excited to work with me – and that’s the best way. We’re both really excited to work with each other.

But a licensing deal means that you still have full control of what you do though, right?


Oh yeah, definitely. I still have full control of everything. They just help me promote.

David Choi Stories of You's and Me

Between “Forever and Ever” (2011) and “Stories of You’s and Me” (2015), what do you think are some of the changes that you’ve seen in your self, personality-wise and as an artiste?

Hmm. Personality changes? I think since “Forever and Ever”, I think I love my friends more because going through like, seeing deaths in your life, you learn to appreciate more..the time you spend with people and the opportunities that you get. And being able to put your music out there, these are all things that I’ve very appreciative of. As an artiste, I became more picky, I became more hard on myself. I was always picky, but never picky with myself. I would say that for this album, I became more picky with myself. And just the craft of songwriting, like..I really tried to put out the best songs that I can or at least songs I wanted to represent myself with. It was like a personal project and I know it’s not an album made to hit the mainstream radio waves but it was just something that I had to do.

Thanks for the chat, David!

Thank you!

Special thanks to Warner Music Malaysia for making this interview happen. We’ll leave you now with the music video for “All I Need”, a ballad off David’s “Stories of You’s and Me”.


Want his “Stories of You’s and Me” album? Get it here!

For more information, hit up David Choi’s website or Facebook page.

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