Ooh, it seems like we will be seeing Tom Cruise in action again.

In fact, we will see a “Edge of Tomorrow” reunion as Universal Pictures. officially announced that Cruise will be seen next in Doug Liman’s upcoming action movie, “Mena”.

Source: flickeringmyth
Source: flickeringmyth

Set to be released on 6th January 2017, the movie will see a reunion between Liman and Cruise as both of them previously worked together in the science fiction thriller film, “Edge of Tomorrow“. Domhnall Gleeson, Sarah Wright, Jesse Plemons, E. Roger Mitchell Caleb Landry Jones, and Lola Kirke will be starring in “Mena” as well.


The script, which was submitted by Gary Spinelli to The Black List , will follow the real life escapades of the late Barry Seal, a hustler and pilot who is recruited by the CIA to “bring down a burgeoning communist threat in Central America”.

Cruise will be playing Seal (real name:Adler Berriman Seal), who “caused huge political problems for the Reagan administration” when he was still living. He eventually met a gruesome death in 19th February 1986, when he was shot to death in Louisiana by 3 Colombian assassins.

Source: USA Today
Source: USA Today

In other news, Warner Bros. has also released the release dates for 2 comedy films, “Keanu” and “Going In Style”.

“Keanu” will be slated for release on 22th April 2016. Don’t be fool by its name because the movie is not the biopic of certain actor. Starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the movie is actually named after a cat of the same name. It is about the cat that was “abducted by a street gang”, prompting its human owners to go “undercover as drug dealers”.

Peter Atencio (of “Key & Peele” fame) is helming the movie, which will go head-to-head with Universal’s “The Huntsman”, sequel to the 2012’s “Snow White and the Huntsman“.

Source: lacosacine
Source: lacosacine

“Going In Style” will have several big name actors starring in it, namely Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin. The film is actually a remake of the 1979 Martin Brest comedy of the same name. It tells the story of 3 senior citizens who decide to rob a bank together after living a life of routines and monotony. Zach Braff (“Chicken Little”) and Theodore Melfi (“St. Vincent”) have already signed on to direct the remake.

Set to be released on 6th May 2016, “Going In Style” will face a formidable opponent, as it is slated to open on the same week as “Captain America: Civil War“.

What do you think about the movies? Which one do you think will be a success? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below!

Source: slashfilm, Deadline

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