While we await SM Entertainment‘s official statement regarding Tao’s current status in EXO, various Chinese media outlets reported that Tao already left Beijing to the US. He was spotted at an airport in Beijing before boarding a plane to Los Angeles, California.

They further reported that he has gone overseas to “study abroad and receive treatment” for his injuries.

EXO Tao Comeback 2015


Various reports stated that a number of excited fans, who found out about Tao’s whereabouts, were spotted at the LAX airport and greeted him with much enthusiasm. Fans further revealed that his mother was with him throughout the trip to California.

This came on heels of the recent report regarding a mysterious message he left on Instagram and Weibo. A few days ago, the singer changed his location and background photo on Weibo. He also removed the word “EXO” from his Instagram profile name and it now showed “Z.TAO-黄子韬” instead of “EXO-TAO黄子韬”.

Source: soompi
Source: soompi

The cryptic changes on his personal SNS accounts fueled rumours that he is no longer part of EXO, especially since SM Entertainment did not release any official statement regarding his sudden departure to California. Not to mention, ever since the departure rumour surfaced online, Tao has only made one official public appearance for a birthday party hosted by fans in China.

No details regarding his treatment or even his studies were revealed, as Tao himself has yet to address the matter.

So, do you think Tao has officially left EXO? If not, why did he decide to leave for the US? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

(Sources: Soompi, Koreaboo)

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