If you loved the slower tempo-ed “Loser“, BIGBANG’s other MADE SERIES “M” single is going to make you sit up and pay attention!

In case you missed it, the first of the 2 BIGBANG comeback singles that you’ve been waiting in high anticipation for have finally been released at midnight (Friday, 1st May). Starting with “M” on 1st May, the “M”, “A”, “D”, and “E” projects will be released monthly until the complete “MADE” album is out in September. Each project contains more than one track, and MADE SERIES “M” will be out in 2 different versions; M ver. and m ver.



“Bae Bae” was first unveiled for the first time at BIGBANG’s concert tour in Seoul over last weekend, but now, international VIPs (as BIGBANG’s fans are loving called) will finally get to hear it/watch it too. The music video opens with G-Dragon looking a little crazy, much like his concept for his second studio album, “Coup D’Etat”, which was released in 2013. Crazy-haired TOP, on the other hand, carries off a “Willy Wonka” style quite well, complete with crazy contact lens. Something that BIGBANG isn’t entirely new to, of course. Think “Monster” circa “Alive” in 2012.

We must say that it’s real nice to see this much of Daesung again and also, that Seungri bleached blond concept though!


Love it or not so much? Between the 2 newly released BIGBANG MADE SERIES “M” singles, did you like “Bae Bae” or “Loser” better? Let us know what you think in the comments box below!

Don’t forget! BIGBANG is slated to perform at Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium on 25th July as part of their “MADE” world tour. All the details we have here.

For more information, visit BIGBANG’s official Facebook page.

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