Oh hey, when did these 2 get into the studio together?

While you weren’t looking, Martin Garrix quietly “hinted” (by becoming real coy) when an interviewed asked him about a future Hardwell collaboration. We didn’t see any collabs in Hardwell’s debut album’s tracklist so the anticipation is still pretty high for when it might officially be released – if it even exists.

Martin Garrix Hardwell


Luckily, through BBC Radio 1’s tracklisting system, eagle-eyed and sharp-eared Hardwell/Martin Garrix fans are able to finally confirm that such a collab does exist and it’s titled, “Music Box”. From what we know, although Hardwell and Martin Garrix have played it in their respective sets, the track is something that’s still in the works.

In fact, they respectively gave “Music Box” a massive premiere at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) New York, something that DJs/producers often do to “test out” new music and gauge the response of fans. The surprise entry had their fans hunting high and low for a HQ version. Failing which, they settled with calling it “Carousel”, due to the playful melody on the track.



After which, young Martin set the banger off during his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and the interwebs was buzzing all over again! Mmf. Maybe it’ll be released just in time for this year’s festival season, starting with Ultra Music Festival (UMF)? 😉

Meanwhile, Hardwell recently announced his “I AM Hardwell – United We Are” shows in Bangkok and Singapore. That’s, like, right next door! Who’s going?

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