You know your worlds have seriously collided when a Marvel superhero and a Disney princess (sorta) are reportedly dating.

Us Weekly reported that Chris Evans (Captain America) and Lily Collins (Snow White ala “Mirror Mirror“) found each other at a Vanity Fair star-studded Oscars party last month, and then found love. The “Avengers: Age of Ultron” superhero was last linked to Minka Kelly but they spilt in October 2013, while the actress/model previously dated Australian actor Thomas Cocquerel.

Chris Evans Lily Collins


Both have had quite interesting dating pasts as 33-year-old Chris Evans also dated Jessica Biel from 2004 – 2006 while 25-year-old Lily Collins was with the likes of Taylor Lautner, and had a brief romance with Zac Efron.

An unnamed source told Us Weekly that they’re still in the beginning stages of their relationship but “they’re having a lot of fun and seeing where it goes”. We don’t know about you or how hard your heart is breaking right now but some congratulations is in order, nonetheless! When can we see some couple pictures? 😉

Source: Us Weekly.

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