SM Entertainment’s “new wave” of idols are almost ready to debut as a 5-member group. On 18th March, to be exact!

By now, most of you would’ve at least heard of Red Velvet, a group that originally consisted of 4 members including the members from SM pre-debut team, “SM Rookies” – Wendy, Seulgi, and Irene. And also, Joy. They group debuted with a song and a dance, and much fanfare alongside their hit single, “Happiness”.

SM Town Red Velvet New Girl Group


The initial impression of the group was nothing short of infectious bubbly-ness and sugary sweet cuteness because of the way their first music video was done. In fact, the girls garnered great response from the fans for their psychedelic concept, said to be a mix of f(x)’s experimental concept and SNSD Girls’ Generation’s mainstream pop concept.

About a week ago, it was announced that SM Entertainment has added a new member to the bill – Yeri. Following which, the South Korean entertainment powerhouse released a slew of teaser pictures and videos, further enticing fans to look forward to Red Velvet’s first appearance as a 5-member group!

Red Velvet

All in the same breath, it was also revealed that their mini album will be called “Ice Cream Cake”, which will come with a title track of the same name as well as another one named, “Automatic”.

Don’t hold your breaths now because the official music video for “Automatic” has been released 😉

The concept is a little different from that of “Happiness”, but we love the girls’ extreme makeovers. We dare say that they (sans Yeri) look completely different from when “Happiness” was released!



Lock the 18th March 2015 date down because that’s when these irresistibly new wave of gorgeous idols will finally debut!

For more information, visit Red Velvet’s Facebook page.

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