Last year, amidst TS Entertainment’s B.A.P lawsuit drama, it was revealed that the agency would be unveiling their newest girl group, SONAMOO. SONAMOO means “pine tree” in Korean and it symbolises the meaning of “creating music so full of life like a pine tree” and to send “the rightful message through music”.

The 7-member group is also known as Secret’s “sister group”.



Their names are as follows:

  1. Su Min (Leader, sub-vocal)
  2. Min Jae (Main vocal)
  3. D.ana (Jo Eun-ae) (Low rap)
  4. Na Hyun (Sub-vocal, dance)
  5. Eui Jin (Sub-vocal, main dancer)
  6. High.D (Kim Do-hee) (Main vocal)
  7. New Sun (Choi Yoon-sun) (High rap)

Early January this year, the girls were officially introduced to the South Korean entertainment scene via their debut song and first ever music video, “Deja Vu”. The music video featured a very industrial, warehouse-feel with the girls embracing a distinct “hip hop” concept, judging from their dance choreography (boy, can they dance!) and their choice of bold clothes.

For more pictures from their debut showcase, check out the gallery below:

Clearly, busting a move is their forte, and as such, TS Entertainment has released not one, but two dance practice videos following SONAMOO’s introductory song. The first one looks like it was recorded in a dance studio, with the girls dressed in casual clothing, while the other presents the SONAMOO members on set, decked in their “Deja Vu” music video hip hop outfits.

See if you can follow ’em dance moves closely enough 😉

Gotta give the girls credit for being such amazing dancers!


For more information, visit SONAMOO’s Facebook page.

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