Oh hello Avril!

It looks like the Canadian recording artiste is free from her undisclosed health issue because she’s back with a new song. Titled, “Give You What You Like”, the music video features a more mature and fresh-faced looking Avril, sans her staple wild and colourful style ala “Hello Kitty”. We like the simple yet sophisticated setup – bare and dimly lit room with its floor littered with candles. And yes, she proves that she’s still got it what with her fixed moody expression.

Avril Lavigne Babysitter's Black Book Music Video


But we love her that way.

What’s more interesting, however, is that the music video also features footage from the upcoming Lifetime TV movie titled, “Babysitter’s Black Book”. In case you haven’t heard, the teen drama centres on a group of college-age babysitters who moonlight as prostitutes. The synopsis is as follows:

When her parents’ financial problems threaten Ashley’s dreams for college, the high school whiz kid takes matters into her own hands. She and her girlfriends turn their babysitting business into a wildly successful escort service for dads. But in this small suburban community, nothing stays secret for long, and the FBI descends on the organisation. Inspired by true events

Translation: “Babysitter’s Black Book” is based on real events.

Watch Avril Lavigne’s “Give You What You Like” music video here:

For more information on “Babysitter’s Black Book”, hit up the website.

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