Just yesterday (13th Feb, Friday), action star Dato’ Jackie Chan’s son was released from prison after serving a 6-month jail term for drugs offences. Jaycee Chan, who like his father has worked as an actor and singer, was detained in August and charged with providing a venue for others to use drugs after police found 100g of marijuana at his home in Beijing.

He had already spent 5 months in prison when he was sentenced in January after pleading guilty to the crime.

Jaycee Chan bowing after a press conference in Beijing on 14th Feb 2015 following his release from jail. (Source: AFP / Greg BAKER)
Jaycee Chan bowing at the media conference in Beijing on 14th Feb 2015 following his release from jail. (Source: AFP / Greg BAKER)

At 2pm today (14th Feb, Saturday), Jaycee held media conference in Beijing to formally apologise for his actions. Humbly dressed in a smart black blazer, he was seen/heard profusely apologising.


Chinese media outlets have quoted him as saying:

As a public figure, this incident has negatively affected society and disappointed those who support me as well as caused those who worked with me to suffer losses. I do not have a reason, and do not have an excuse. I have done wrong.

After this incident, I have changed my outlook on life and my values. In the past, I really did not know how to cherish everything around me. I said in court that although I have received punishment from the law, it does not mean I have received society’s forgiveness, because trust needs to be earned gradually over time.

What I need to do right now is to apologise to society for my mistakes. I am really sorry, I will be a law-abiding person from now on.

Dato’ Jackie Chan wasn’t present at the media conference as he’s still currently on his “Dragon Blade” promotional tour, which saw him coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia just a few days ago. He had previously apologised for his son’s drug bust and also explained that he wouldn’t be spending Chinese New Year with his family due to his busy schedule.

Jaycee’s mother, Joan Lin Fengjiao, was also absent from the media conference.

Jaycee Chan, Joan Lin, & Dato' Jackie Chan in 2012 (Source: www.martialartsmoviejunkie.com)
Jaycee Chan, Joan Lin, & Dato’ Jackie Chan in 2012 (Source: www.martialartsmoviejunkie.com)

According to Jaycee, he personally didn’t want his mother to attend it as he knows that she’s afraid of meeting the media.

Jaycee also said that his father didn’t intervene on his behalf and that he received no special treatment in prison, where conditions were “quite harsh”. He added that his parents did not chide him after his release, but only encouraged him to do his work well, change for the better, and never repeat his mistakes.


Source: CNA.

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