Woollim Entertainment’s rookie girl group, Lovelyz is set to make a comeback with a new single soon but the 8-member girl group will not be promoting the song with Seo Ji Soo, a member who became embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal last year.

On 11th Feb, the talent agency teased the girl group’s comeback by releasing a mysterious image on their official website and social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. However, there are only 7 girls featured in the photo, fueling more rumours that Ji Soo is no longer a member of the group.

Lovelyz Comeback 2015


Last November, Ji Soo did not participate in the girl group’s debut showcase and promotions after the rumours regarding her alleged sexual assaults surfaced online. Due to the malicious rumours, Woollim Entertainment revealed that she has undergone a lot of mental stress and was later sent to a hospital for mental treatment. One of her alleged victims, who goes by the Twitter handle “@jisooluv” (profile name “Apologize Jisoo”), then released a length post about being labelled as people who spread rumours. She also mentioned that the company used media play to make her and the other real victims look like malicious rumour spreaders.

To further protect their artiste from being harmed by the rumours, Woollim reported the person for defamation and the police reportedly arrested the person who spread the rumours. Although the police investigation has been completed, a Mapo Police Station rep told various Korean media outlets that the case has been forwarded to the public prosecutor’s office. Thus, it may take a while for the cases to be resolved.

Seo Ji Soo
Seo Ji Soo

Regarding Ji Soo’s alleged departure, her talent agency said:

The upcoming new song will be promoted by the seven members. Seo Ji Soo’s participation in the group will be discussed after all the issues are settled.

It is true that Lovelyz are promoting as only 7 members without Seo Ji Soo… However, Seo Ji Soo has not left the group. [Seo Ji Soo] is set to participate in promotions with Lovelyz later on… Seo Ji Soo is currently focusing on practicing during her break… Although the date of her return has not been set yet, she has definitely not left the group.

Now, that’s a relief!

Woollim further stated that Ji Soo will return to Lovelyz once the investigation is completed. The agency added:

After finding the culprit behind the rumors and Seo Ji Soo regains mental stability, she will return to the group.


What do think of all the sexual allegations against Ji Soo? Are you excited for Lovelyz’s comeback? Share your thoughts in the commetns box below.

(Source: AKP, Soompi, Koreaboo)

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