It has finally happened – Taiwanese singer-songwriter extraordinaire Jay Chou (周杰倫) has officially turned 36 years old today. Not only is he celebrating his birthday, he is also now officially off the market. Yup. This Chinese heartthrob has officially tied the knot with his model girlfriend of 4 years, Hannah Quinlivan, today.

Taiwanese media confirmed that the couple were married yesterday (Saturday, 17th Jan) evening in England’s Selby Abbey. This is a day earlier than the 18th Jan date announced. But that’s fine since Jay himself did previously reveal he will get married before he turned 36. The Abbey’s website has a notice announcing the closure of the abbey to visitors on 16th Jan and 17th Jan.

Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan Wedding
Source: Jay Chou’s Facebook page

The wedding was a relatively low-key affair with only the pair’s parents and about 50 family members as well as friends in attendance. Jay spared no expense for his big day, and got a 20-member live orchestra to play music – one of which was a piece he composed especially for the occasion – during the event.


His company released 3 pre-wedding photos of the singer and his fiancée Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) on Saturday, a day before the couple is scheduled to tie the knot in Britain. One of the photos shows Jay embracing Hannah from behind, while she tilts her head in a smile. Another photo shows the couple standing and facing each other, against the backdrop of the historic Charles Bridge in Prague.

The last photo shows Hannah wearing a long white dress and Jay wearing a white shirt and dark vest as they stand next to a white horse, with Germany’s New Swanstone Castle in the background.

Jay Chou's Facebook page
Source: Jay Chou’s Facebook page

The photos were taken in France, Germany and the Czech Republic in October last year, according to Jay’s record and management company JVR Music. JVR Music also revealed that the couple registered their marriage last year and said Jay was grateful for everyone’s blessings. It is unclear whether the couple registered their marriage in Taiwan or another country.

In his Facebook post, Jay said that he and Hannah registered their marriage a year ago, and he was extremely grateful to everyone for their wishes.

Source: Jay Chou's Facebook page
Source: Jay Chou’s Facebook page

The newlyweds will reportedly hold another wedding celebration in Taiwan sometime in March, and one more in Australia, where Quinlivan’s parents reside, at a later date.

Congratulations, Jay and Hannah! Now we really can’t wait for pictures from the 2 supposedly grand wedding celebrations that Jay has apparently planned 😉

See more wedding pictures here:

UPDATE (7am, 20th Jan):


A 2-minute long wedding video has been released! The video shows the Selby Abbey church procession (as seen in the gallery above) and intimate moments such as the bride walking in with her father and the groom kissing his bride. Truth be told, it really does look like a fairytale ending for the beautiful couple.

In fact, it looks like a music video on its own!

Watch it here:

Sources: Focus Taiwan, Straits Times.

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