Terminator: Genisys” actor Lee Byung Hun was allegedly accused of cheating on his wife, Lee Min Jung last year when model Lee Ji Yeon and GLAM’s Dahee attempted to blackmail him for 5 billion won ($4.7 million USD) with video footage that they secretly took of him.

In response to the blackmail, the Korean superstar took the case to the court and stated that he is the victim of a blackmail scandal.

Lee Byung Hun & Lee Min Jung / Image

On Monday, Lee Byung Hun stepped up and vowed to take legal action over the rumours and unverified reports regarding his blackmail case. This came after Dispatch released a series of private messages sent between Byung Hun and Ji Yeon.


The first series of messages that Lee Byung Hun allegedly sent Lee Ji Yeon is as follows:

LBH: What’s for dinner?
LJY: What do you like?
LBH: You.
LBH: Is it going to be romantic tomorrow?
LJY: Perhaps.
LJY: Are you still filming???
LBH: Why not?
LBH: It must be nice to be able to choose.

According to Dispatch, Byun Hun met Ji Yeon, Dahee, and 3 other mutual friends at a restaurant on 1st July last year. Ji Yeon revealed that Byung Hun asked for her number but she exchanged her SNS messenger ID with him instead.

She even revealed that Byung Hun offered to pay her phone bills and help her financially if needed.

Lee Byunghun and Lee Jiyeon
Source: koreaboo.com

On 3rd July, Byung Hun arrived at her apartment to give her a bottle of wine, a new cell phone, and 1,500,000 KRW (approximate $1,350 USD) in cell phone fees but Ji Yeon declined to accept the cash. It was reported that Dahee was with them that night, as she revealed that Byung Hun repeatedly requested for Ji Yeon’s kisses during a card game. Dahee also secretly recorded a video of him asking Ji Yeon sexual questions when they were at a convenience store.

On 31st July, the model revealed that Byung Hun gave her a few bottles of Argentinian wine as well as makeup for her birthday However, he also attempted various sexual approaches on her and even hugged her before meeting up with Dahee.

GLAM's Dahee (Source: YouTube)
GLAM’s Dahee (Source: YouTube)

The actor later left in hurry when Dahee’s friend arrived at the apartment as well. The following messages are the part that reveal details about her claims:


LBH: We’re seeing each other tomorrow, right?
LBH: Will it be romantic?
LJY: We’ll see how you do.
LBH: I’ll be good.

LJY: This is your brain map.
LBH: There’s tomorrow, you, romantic, and success in my head.
LJY: What do you mean by success?
LBH: It means whether or not I’ll succeed romantically.
LJY: Did you know it’s my birthday this week?
LBH: Then we’ll celebrate it tomorrow together.

LBH: I hope you’ll keep the secret.
LJY: Don’t worry.
LBH: I really looked forward to this.
LBH: When can I see you tomorrow?
LJY: My mom’s coming.

Ji Yeon indicated that everything fell apart when she revealed that the pair argued about sexual matters on 14th August.

Although Lee Byung Hun’s side claims that they were arguing about financial matters, the model revealed that she brought up her hard economic status only because she refused to talk about the sexual matters.

LBH: Is your friend there today?
LJY: Yes.
LBH: When are you free out of today and tomorrow?
LJY: I have to go to cram school today.
LBH: When will your friend not be there?
LBH: I stepped out of line today. I’m sorry..
LBH: I think we should stop seeing each other. We’ll only hurt each other.
LJY: You’re cutting off human relations like this, huh?

Ever since Dispatch released the alleged conversations between Byunghun and Jiyeon, Byunghun’s agency stated that they will take legal action against the rumours and reports based on the claims made by the defendants.

Ji Yeon & Byung Hun (Source)

The agency released a statement regarding the issue and stated that they were “disappointed that false information without confirming facts were reported”.

The agency said:

Lee Byung Hun will seek legal action in response to all unilateral claims made without sufficient evidence. In the period leading up to the verdict, those making false claims pertaining to the trial will face consequences. As the truth will be revealed by the final verdict in ten days, there is no value in propagating such rumors.

We request that you await the results of the trial. Going forward, we will have no choice but to take strong measures against all false reports and rumors pertaining to this case.

The verdict hearing is set to commence on 15th January. So far, Dahee has already sent 11 letters of apology to the court for the blackmailing lawsuit. It is unclear whether or not her letters will change the court’s decision but the prosecution has requested 3-year jail terms for the defendants.

What do you think about the case? Do you think Byung Hun will drop the case in the end? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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