Back in June 2014, Mandopop superstar Jay Chou revealed that he will get married before his 36th birthday on 18th Jan 2015. And it looks like his plan to do so is going swimmingly well because just last month, the otherwise private artiste made his love life public for the very first time. He also recently confirmed that he’ll be holding not one, but two wedding celebrations. Wow.

But it still begs the question, “How did Jay Chou proposed to wife-to-be Hannah Quinlivan?”

According to Taiwan media, recently, at the launch of his new album “Aiyoh Not Bad“, the gathered media seemed more interested in getting the details of his marriage proposal and his plans after his nuptials. Surprisingly, Jay obligingly answered their questions and said he had prepared fireworks and got on his knees to propose to his girlfriend, model Hannah Quinlivan.

Source: kunring Weibo
Source: kunring Weibo

However, he didn’t reveal where he proposed.

He was quoted as saying, “Fireworks are a must, it is a basic necessity. Kneeling down is also a necessity. It was very romantic. I treated it like I was shooting a music video.” He also revealed that he wants to “have enough children to form a band”.

“They’ll learn both classical and pop music and help me write songs. That way, they won’t be depending on me. I’ll be depending on them,” said Jay, who recently released his new song Listen To Papa’s Words. “I feel I’ll have a lot more inspiration after I get married. Maybe there will be songs like Listen To Your Wife’s Words, or Listen To Your Children’s Words next time,” he added.

Source: Jay Chou's Weibo
Source: Jay Chou’s Weibo

Jay, who is scheduled to perform in Singapore on Saturday (27th Dec), added that he prefers to have children in quick succession, explaining that it is better to “be exhausted all at once”, before going on to point out that he wants to be a “loving, responsible man who cares for his family” in the future.

Aww. Isn’t he such a sweetheart though? Congratulations again, Jay! We can’t say it enough 🙂

Source: CNA.

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