So, it has been a week since we were on It’s The Ship, Asia’s largest festival at sea. Some of us walked out of it with our heads held up high, having survived the ordeal that was the 5D4N’s worth of partying, while others are still “suffering” from massive hangovers. But when we say “massive hangovers”, we don’t mean it in the post-alcohol binge per se.

No, siree!

It's The Ship


You see, there were a lot of things to love about the cruise aside from the fact that some of the world’s most popular DJs/producers were amongst us. Considering the fact that DJs like Dash Berlin, DBSTF, Sick Individuals, and more were on that very same ship throughout, it was common to bump into them now and then again the entire duration of “It’s The Ship”. Coupled with the fact that unlike other festivals, being on a well-equipped cruise with scheduled parties from noon till night meant that there’s never a day where you’d have nothing to do. You could say that boredom was easily staved off!

We have to admit, there’s a small but “shy to say” part of us that miss it. And if you didn’t go this year, well, here are some reasons why you need to go next year, based on our firsthand experience:

1. Ship so big, it’s like a mini city

It's The Ship Voyager of The Seas

Like we said, there was really never a day that you’d have nothing to do. With 15 decks altogether, there were so many places e.g. casino, bars, restaurants and cafes, more bars, outdoor/sporting activities, a cinema, a skating rink, etc. to explore. There was also a spray-on tattoo booth (with some really questionable designs), a William Grant & Sons “Sasha Grey private party” auction/bidding corner, and even a setup for a makeover session with KimKat. Did we also mention that there was a tiny fleet of designer stores on board? Yup. Just you try to walk in there and come out empty handed. We know we had to fight the urge, and fight real bad. We did, however, settle for some other duty-free goodies.

2. The multiple parties and “stages”

Credit: All Is Amazing (Source: It's The Ship's Facebook page)
Credit: All Is Amazing (Source: It’s The Ship’s Facebook page)

Why stick to just one stage when you can have many to choose from? Why dance on land when you can rock out from in the pool? Why sleep in when you can take part in the side activities e.g. mini golf tourney with Sick Individuals, cooking with Crookers? Being on “It’s The Ship” means you can’t even bail on the many things to try/see/do even if you wanted to. What, you only slept at 4am after a full night of partying? You’re too tired? You can’t find your shoes? You’ve got a massive hangover? Well, suck it up and soldier on because no time, no time! Watch DJ duo Sick Individuals rock out on “It’s The Ship” via our Instagram here.

3. Fast friends, all day errday

Shipmates It's The Ship 2014
Credit: All Is Amazing (Source: It’s The Ship’s Facebook page)

Maybe it was because we were stranded on what was essentially a large boat in the middle of Malaysia and Singapore, maybe it was alcohol-induced, but believe us when we say that you will make fast friends. All day, errday! Be it in the pool, in the hot tub, at Windjammer Cafe during breakfast/lunch/dinner, people were generally nice to and friendly with each other. For those who didn’t suffer from actual hangovers, we’re pretty sure they suffered from a “It’s The Ship” hangover anyway – the feeling of missing the vibe, of just being there. Brb, adding friends on Facebook.

4. “Are you single?” – on the ship, you probably should be

Credit: All Is Amazing (Source: It's The Ship's Facebook page)
Credit: All Is Amazing (Source: It’s The Ship’s Facebook page)

This saying holds very true. Don’t be surprised if pick up artists try to work a thing or two on you (female or male, doesn’t matter on “It’s The Ship”) if you’re seen standing alone or with very little company. So for those of you who are attached, bring your significant other along to fend them off with. For those of you who aren’t attached, party on!

5. No elevator music within earshot, only EDM & Rick James

Credit: All Is Amazing (Source: It's The Ship's Facebook page)
Credit: All Is Amazing (Source: It’s The Ship’s Facebook page)

It’s true – even the hallways that led to the cabins were playing dance music. Not at full blast but just audible enough for you to make out Hardwell or Tiesto. Hence, it’s safe to say that you’d be ready to party from the moment you step out of your cabin. Also, resident announcer/pseudo radio DJ Rick James kept us super entertained throughout the entire time with his sharp wit and great sense of humour. We never met him, but we’ll always remember his parting words after every announcement – “It’s not just a party, it’s the ship, yo!”

6. Private beach party because you can

Source: It's The Ship's Facebook page, All Is Amazing
Credit: All Is Amazing (Source: It’s The Ship’s Facebook page)

Because, “Turn down for what?” 😉 The idea of a private beach party for the “It’s The Ship” attendees was an absolute godsend because there’s nothing like being on land after 2 “gruelling” nights on the cruise. Also, someone totally proposed to his girlfriend during the private beach party in full view of the shipmates, right before Lil Jon’s set – just one of the many amazing things that might/can happen. Check out the video from the “It’s The Ship” private beach party on our Instagram here.

7. Never high and dry, ever

William Grant & Sons It's The Ship

By that, we mean alcohol. Thanks to our friends from William Grant & Sons, we were sure to never be seen empty-handed. Even if you were seen without a drink, you’d have no excuse as to why because there were plenty of bars surrounding the stages as well as scattered on various decks on board the ship. As part of the media, we were even treated to a special Monkey Shoulder cocktail session with William Grant & Sons and ambassador Zachary DeGit. And you know, it could’ve just been the first time that we were drunk from our own concoctions – not that we’re complaining.

8. #BATEMotel: A pyjama party at the chapel!

Credit: rice | photo (Source: BATE's Facebook page)
Credit: rice | photo (Source: BATE’s Facebook page)

No, no disrespect whatsoever, but it was a chance of a lifetime unlike any other. What’s more surprising than the existence of a small little chapel on It’s The Ship? A pyjama party hosted by Malaysian DJ duo BATE. We were handed the invite by our BATE friends Ethan and Wai Hong just a little before we boarded the cruise, and it promised to be an invite-only event. Lo and behold, way too many people (in teddies, baby tees, drawstring pants, armed with pillows and blankies) turned up. So much so that it had to be moved to a floor below. Epic 😉

9. The Sasha Grey private party

* Pictures from All Is Amazing

Truth: She’s probably the only reason why 99.9% of the testosterone-charged hot-blooded men were scrambling to get the red wrist tags aka exclusive invites to the William Grant & Sons private party. That, or they were scrambling to “bid” for it. It was also the only time when Sasha Grey clearly reigned supreme over lethargy and the spread of William Grant & Sons alcohol because the party (which at least for us marked the official end of “It’s The Ship”) saw a crazy turnout! Nevermind that the crowd comprised of mostly men. Oh, we digress! The point is, the Sasha Grey private party.

10. It’s not just a party, it’s the ship, yo!

Sure, it’s not the cheapest festival. But to put this into perspective, think cruise plus a dabbling of parties. Take it as a desperately needed, well deserved holiday.Best experienced with a huge bunch of friends, of course. And if we haven’t said it enough, it’s not just a party, it’s the ship, yo!

That is all 😉

For more information on It’s The Ship, visit its Facebook page. Alternatively, you could also hit up Livescape Asia’s Facebook page for updates!

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