It has happened – Paris Hilton has won an award for her pseudo DJing career. But before we even begin talking about it, let’s talk about her DJing skillz. Oh wait, there’s close to none.

Over the weekend, a vote was taken amongst the youth population in France for a wide range of DJ awards for the radio station, NRJ. Being held in Monaco for the kickoff of the Monaco International Clubbing Show, Paris was on hand for the award ceremony where she was pitted against the likes of Nervo and Krewella, for “Best Female DJ” award.

We repeat, Nervo and Krewella.



After the ceremony, Paris posted the above photo on her Facebook page in celebration of her win. Because she proud like that.

We’re not sure how credible the NRJ awards is because in 2013, they bestowed upon Paris the award for “Best Breakthrough DJ of the Year”. At the same time, that very same year, Avicii won “Best International DJ”, David Guetta won “Best French DJ”, and French pop and electro-house DJ Oriska took out “Best Female DJ”. We can say that, however, the NRJ awards has met with some hilarity upon the announcement of Paris’ win.

Paris Hilton NRJ Best Female DJ

The same kind of hilarity that ensued when DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll winners were announced, mostly due to the disgruntled electronic dance music fans and the disbelief of some truly hardworking DJs/producers.

One such example would be English electronic dance music DJ and producer, Lisa Lashes. Upon hearing word about the win, she took to Facebook to express her displeasure:



Not that we blame her for it.

She also made another post a few hours later, challenging “DJ” Paris Hilton to a DJ battle with her (really cute) pet dog, Chester:


Of course, one might conclude that Lisa Lashes was only being bitter but wait, she’s not the only one who’s ridiculing this entire thing. You see, the world’s most popular Internet troll producer also had a go at it while you weren’t looking. A lot of “go at it”s, if you know what we mean. And yes, we’re talking about none other than the very outspoken deadmau5 himself.

He never really saw eye-to-eye with the “Best Female DJ” anyway. Neither was he one to really care about “DJ awards” of any kind. And once again, he has made it known:

So. Epic.

Meanwhile, as at time of writing, the winners of the other 2014 categories had not been revealed by NRJ; it’s not known whether the nominees for “Best International DJ”, like Hardwell, Calvin Harris and Armin van Buuren, were on hand for the ceremony.

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