Sure, Diplo‘s (real name Wesley Pentz) Twitter offers the most unlikely daily dosage of comedic relief, but his most recent posts have royally (pun intended) pissed some people off. As much as some random nonsense he spouts off and on again make us laugh at times, people weren’t very amused when he tried to start a crowd-sourcing campaign to get Taylor Swift a “booty”.

In fact, after tweeting out the suggestion that somebody should start a crowd source to get the pop superstar a butt, he continued to go on a strange rampage by retweeting and supporting the Fundly site link.

As you can imagine, this caused media outlets, fans, non-fans, and artistes alike to go crazy slamming him for the objectification of the female body and for women-flaming. Oh, yes, it also helps to remember that one should never piss off the Swifties (as Taylor Swift’s fans are loving called), the same way one should never piss off the Beliebers (as Justin Bieber’s fans are lovingly called).

More importantly, one should also never piss off Lorde aka Taylor Swift’s BFF, who happens to be one of the many Diplo followers on Twitter. Although Lorde and Diplo have worked on the track “Tennis Court” together, it certainly didn’t mean that she was going to let him off easy. She took to Twitter to slam him back for his Taylor Swift rant, right where “the sun don’t shine”:


Meanwhile, Taylor Swift’s “1989” seems to be doing swimming well while Lorde herself hasn’t been too shabby what with being recently given the task to curate the soundtrack for the upcoming blockbuster novel-turned-film “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1“.

Diplo Kathryn
Diplo & ex-gf Kathryn Lockhart, who is expecting their second child together

Diplo, on the other hand, as brilliant of a DJ/producer as he may be, would probably need to think about/concentrate on spending more time on playing Daddy once again and leave the trolling to deadmau5.

True story.

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