They came, they made Malaysian movie buffs search frantically for their whereabouts, and they left. Remember that time we all became little dysfunctional because award-winning director Michael Mann, Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, Wang Lee Hom, and Tang Wei arrived in Malaysia for a movie filming?

You remembered, don’t you? Because the trailer for that film has just been released!


Originally titled “Cyber”, Michael Mann’s upcoming action-thriller film “Blackhat” revolves around Nicholas Hathaway (played by Chris Hemsworth), a blackhat hacker that was hired by the government to track down a mysterious hacker behind a high-level global cybercrime that has attacked 4 major banks from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta.


Directed and produced by Michael Mann, the script for the film is also written by Morgan Davis Foehl and Mann himself. Mann’s major films include “Heat”, “Public Enemies“, “The Last of the Mohicans”, “Collateral”, “Thief”, and other action crime films.

The film made it into Malaysian newspaper headlines last year as Mann brought the production team to Malaysia and it is a huge Hollywood production from Legendary Pictures Studio, the same studio that produced films such as “Dracula Untold“, “The Dark Knight Rises“, “Godzilla“, and so on.

Watch the trailer here:

It was reported that the shoot in Malaysia lasted about 5 weeks and some of the scenes were shot at various locations in Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur, Port Klang, Pulau Pangkor, Manjung, Lumut, Marina Island, and Putrajaya.

Slated for release on January 16, 2015, “Blackhat” is a much anticipated film from Michael Mann as Dealine has reported that the film might qualify for the Oscars.

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