There’s no better way to look at the brighter side of life through tough times than by looking at some kindofnormal graphs. Because, like the name suggests, these findings are funny but also, kind of normal – as in, kind of your standard and basic everyday musings, questions, realities.

Since we all have these thoughts, whether or not we put it on paper (because not all of us are quite as talented), Danish writer Mikael Wulff and cartoon artist Anders Morgenthaler aka a creative duo called Wumo, have illustrated them for us.

Mikael Wulff & Anders Morgenthaler
Mikael Wulff & Anders Morgenthaler

Admit it – some of these are insanely true:


1. Because coffee used to be much simpler before “Frappucino”:

Wumo Coffee Beverages

2. Because McDonald’s sundae ice-cream (which costs RM1):

Wumo Things You Care About Melting

3. Because it’s true that sleep is important:

Wumo Tired

4. Because bananas:

Wumo Bananas


5. Because this is the new generation (of dating):

Wumo About Online Dating

6. Because we’ve all done one of these at some point in our lives:

Wumo Biggest Lies On The Internet

7. Because, “OMG they just mentioned us, they love us, this is my song!”:

Wumo Enthusiasm At Concerts

8. Because technology:

Wumo Wasting Time

9. Because although we have the luxury of booking online:

Wumo Movies

10. Because e-mail recall e-mails are kind of pointless:

Wumo Spelling Errors In E-mail

11. Because they didn’t get the “Airwolf” memo:

Wumo Helicopters In Movies


12. Because how many times have we declined these:

Wumo How Facebook Invites Work

13. Because restaurants always does it (cooking steak) better:

Wumo Grilled Steak vs Grilled Chicken

14. Because Instagram is often “before-and-after” #gymstagram:

Wumo Weightlifting

15. Because we went through the weekend LDP – Persiaran Surian jam for this:


16. Because hopes and dreams, people, hopes and dreams:

Wumo Salary Index

17. Because “The Secret to Losing (insert amount of weight here) in (insert amount of time here)!”:

Wumo Women's Magazines

18. Because no, just no:

Wumo How Long Can A Human Live Without Internet

We hope you liked those!

Want more of this brilliant series of graphs? Hit up here.

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