K-Pop idol boy group Super Junior’s management agency on Wednesday (24th September) confirmed that Super Junior’s Sungmin, 28, is dating actress Kim Sa-eun, 29, reported Korean media. SM Entertainment said the pair met while working together on the musical “The Three Musketeers” and are “in the early stages of a relationship”.

Shortly after news about Sungmin’s relationship broke, Super Junior’s Heechul said in an Instagram post on Thursday (25th September) that Sungmin “who has been quiet and never gotten into trouble before is especially busy today”, and hoped that the road ahead will be smooth for his group mate:


Translation (from AKP):

He’s not my younger sibling by blood, but..my younger brother, Sung Min. He is still in my phone under the name “Sweet Pumpkin”. There were lines like, “Cook a lot of sweet pumpkins ~ because I stuffed myself with it all ^-^”.. I had forgotten kekekeke Sungmin, who is always quiet and never causes trouble, was especially busy today.. ^-^ There is something I constantly say, “Hey, you can’t hit Sungmin, even with a flower.” That’s right. You can’t hit Sungmin with a flower or even with my face (It’s a flower. Of course, of course) keke. Have I been too over the top during these promotions? I don’t know if I had been, but..all of our members have a hard time, but they grew while leaning on another and enjoying it. They will in the future, too. That’s why let’s all hold hands and get along for a long time like oppa, dongsaneg, unnie, noona!! I hate cheesy words the most, but our Sungmin.. the Sungmin who never cried.. said, “Hyung.. I’m sorry.. to the fans, too.. to the members, too..,” which upset me, so I’m like this. The path Sweet Pumpkin is going might not be the Silk Road, but let’s not make it a thorny path~ I love you, my children!! Although I’m the Heechul, who can’t make a proper heart TT bbuing bbuing.

We wish Sungmin and Kim Sa-Eun all the happiness in the world and all the best!

Sungmin Kim Sa-Eun

Sungmin is the latest in a string of SM Entertainment idols whose relationships have come to light – SNSD Girl’s Generations’ members Yoona, Sooyoung, Tiffany, Taeyeon and EXO’s Beakhyun were all revealed to be in relationships over the past year.


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