The clean eating aka #eatclean trend has been so popular in the recent years that it has now become a major movement. The trend, spurred by people from all walks of life, involves eating whole foods and letting the ingredients guide the meal in order to feel good about what is being put into our bodies. In short, and this saying probably rings truest in this aspect, you are what you eat.


But for city slickers, especially, preparing a clean meal can prove to be a challenge because we’re constantly rushing our way through the day from the moment we wake up till the hours that we’re stuck epic traffic jams trying to get home. So much so that more and more people are left with no choice but to forego eating clean and instead eat out where food is not always clean or healthy – sometimes, alone.

Eating Alone

Ah, but if there’s a will, there’s a way! And the saying is true with the rise of health food delivery services. Available in mostly KL and PJ, these healthy meal delivery services will help you eat healthy whether you’re up to your elbows at work or juggling 3 kids and a heap of housework at home. Yes, it’s true, you won’t have to compromise your diet after all!

Here are some of our #eatclean delivery suggestions that you seriously need to try at least once:

1. Chopstick Diner

Chopstick Diner
Chopstick Diner

In August this year, food technologist and food stylist Elaine Ho started a salad delivery business to provide healthier lunch options for everyone. The mother of 2 runs a website that provides simple and delicious Asian and Western meals which are freshly prepared right before it gets delivered to a client. However, to ensure that your lunchbox gets to you, the order needs to be made a day before the day of delivery (latest order in by 10pm).

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Priced at a reasonable RM15 per lunchbox, the Chopstick Diner Lunchbox is available in 5 flavours such as grilled chicken caesar salad, Vietnamese chicken salad, avocado salad, Thai beef salad, and Vietnamese fresh spring rolls. The delivery is free (to one delivery address) for orders above RM50 and a RM5 surcharge for orders below RM50.

Chopstick Diner currently delivers to Petaling Jaya (Postcode 46000-46200), Kuala Lumpur City, Mont Kiara, Bangsar, Bangsar South, Sentral, and Damansara Heights. Additional delivery charges may apply for deliveries outside those areas.


For more information, visit their Facebook page.

2. The Rebellious Chickpea

The Rebellious Chickpea
The Rebellious Chickpea

A business run mostly via its social media platforms, The Rebellious Chickpea is a delivery service that offers healthy and delicious food to those who want great taste and still be mindful of what they eat. As such, their promise is that they buy fresh ingredients daily from the market and they sure put a lot of thought into the food that they prepare, right down to slow-roasting cherry tomatoes with oregano and olive oil before it’s made into tomato sauce!

Yes, you read right. The Rebellious Chickpea offers meals that are made from scratch – except the pasta. Granted, the owner of The Rebellious Chickpea says that she doesn’t also milk the cow to make the cheese, but it’s something she plans to do in the future 😉

From healthy meals that are priced at RM15 each and good-for-you snacks, everything is made fresh. Their menu varies every week (yay!) and delivery is free of charge to those living in the Klang Valley.

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For more information, visit their Facebook page.

3. The Naked Lunch Box

The Naked Lunch Box
The Naked Lunch Box

Going vegan in Malaysia was just made easier by The Naked Lunch Box. Not only does their service offer healthy food delivery service, they also offer a “no nonsense” variety of paleo, raw meals, and vegan food to be delivered to your office during lunch. Yes, going vegan does limit the kind of meals you can have but The Naked Lunch Box changes its menu on a monthly basis so you won’t get bored of their food.

The business is also mostly run on their social media platforms, hence you’d need to follow them closely for the release of their monthly menu. After which, you can either drop them a message on Facebook, Instagram direct them, or e-mail them. The Naked Lunchbox receives payment via e-banking so it’s super convenient as there’ll be no scrambling for loose change upon receiving your delivery!

There’s a minimum order of 3 lunchboxes/dates per customer and they can cater for small meetings and other office events too. Deliveries, to PJ and KL, are sent out every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

4. The Lean Canteen

The Lean Canteen

The Lean Canteen promises that you’ll “feel good with lean food!” – and judging by the meals they whip up, we’d find that a little hard to disagree with. Created by food lovers for food lovers who are looking to stay healthy while keeping up with a busy schedule, The Lean Canteen prioritises good nutrition when it comes to preparing their meals. But that doesn’t mean that their food is boring per se.

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They’ve got interesting names for the types of cuisines that they serve such as “The Taj Mahal”, “Don Aglio”, “Bangkok Beef”, and “Salmon Khan”, which ranges from RM13 to RM19. Of course, that’s not all they have to offer – The Lean Canteen also includes fried rice, buritos, and pastas in their menu. The meals are freshly prepared from a centralised kitchen then delivered. Safe to say, that was enough to pique our interest!


We also hear that they work closely with a nutritionist so that the food they serve average to about 500 calories per meal. What? That’s godsent!

The Lean Machine’s delivery days are Monday till Sunday to pick-up points in Klang Valley. To order, e-mail, Whatsapp Mark 012-3682980 or Aina 012-2086440.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

5. EatClean KL

EatClean KL
EatClean KL

Since January 2013, EatClean KL has been advocating healthy living by encouraging healthy diets and Khairena is doing it right!

This is because Khairena, the one-woman-show behind the delivery service, strongly believes that it can be done “one meal at a time” and as such, she offers only wholesome yummy home cooked food, a healthier alternative at super reasonable prices. Not only has EatCleanKL got an array of dishes to serve up, the service also only uses fresh produce, organic products, olive oil, minimal salt, no sugar, no saturated fat, no oils or MSG and best of all, it’s halal.

EatClean KL also changes its menu on a weekly basis so meals from EatClean KL can always be fun and delicious, and you’ll never get bored! Whoever said that eating healthy can be fun and delicious will now stand corrected.

EatClean KL’s menu (pre-order only) is only available for lunch and it includes pastas, salads, wraps and more. Deliveries are on weekdays at lunch to Damansara Heights, Sri Hartamas, Mont Kiara, and Bangsar. To order, call them at 013-257 6988 or leave Khairena a message on EatClean KL’s Facebook page and she’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

6. Delicious Detox Delivery

Delicious Detox
Delicious Detox

Brainchild of two dedicated health experts from Europe named Carina and Elke, Delicious Detox Delivery has one purpose and one purpose only – to re-introduce customers and soon-to-be customers to the most nourishing and delicious food, as well as making it easy to obtain. By easy, we mean they deliver right to your doorstep!

Delicious Detox Delivery specialises in raw, organic, and vegan meals that are also dairy-free and gluten-free in their weekly lunch menu, from their 3 Delicious Detox programs. Their weekly lunch menu (main dish, dessert, and a smoothie) ranges from RM10 – RM25, whilst their detox packages ranges from RM250 – RM650.

Source: Delicious Detox Delivery KL
Source: Delicious Detox Delivery KL

We especially love that Delicious Detox Delivery’s deliveries are transported in a cooler with ice packs to ensure foods’ freshness and that their meals are packaged in a woven bag! They even cater for up to 30 people so if you’re planning an #eatclean party, well, you know who to call.

Delicious Detox Delivery sends out their yummylicious meals to KL, Ampang, PJ, Desa Park City, Bangsar, Subang, Shah Alam, and Puchong between 10am – 12pm with a surcharge of delivery fees. Delivery Fees are per location, and the delivery schedule are from Monday till Friday for Lunch Detox and Pick & Choose Options, 7-day Menu Detox & Smoothie Detox include weekends.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

7. Woods Macrobiotics

Woods Macrobiotics Delivery Services
Woods Macrobiotics

Their delivery service might be new, but their business certainly isn’t! Established in Sept 1993, Woods Macrobiotics is a total healing and healing centre in Malaysia. Based on tropical macrobiotic principle, Woods Macrobiotics serves vegan organic cooked meals. Now that they’ve even started a delivery service, you no longer have to ponder over your best choice of meals, especially if you’re vegan!

Woods Macrobiotics offers 95% organic vegan hot meals and healing food from their daily set menu and detox menu. Some of the foods they make e.g. cookies and pies are made without refined sugar, contains zero trans-fat, and are preservative and colourants free.

Woods Macrobiotics Obento Lunch Delivery
Woods Macrobiotics’ Obento Box Lunch

More importantly, they serve up fully vegan, safe, and organic Japanese bento box sets for lunch called the “Obento Box Lunch”. This can be ordered via the Woods Microbiotics’ website. Deliver charge per trip is set at RM6.

For convenience of the city folks, Woods provides specialised wholesome lunch box delivery service covering KL e.g. Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Perak, Jalan Ampang (near KLCC), and Jalan Tun Perak. They also deliver to PJ e.g. Section 14 – 17, Damansara Heights, Jalan Damansara, Mont Kiara, and Bangsar.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.


8. Healthy Ever After

Healthy Ever After advocates a balanced life and a balanced diet via the preparation of eating plans to help your body detox, heal, lose weight and feel amazing! Their eating plans (1 day, 3 days, or 5 days) provide your body the means to spring clean its system in the most natural way – by eating yummy healthy super foods. Think of it as a spa treatment for the insides of your body without the scrubs and the wraps.

After months of research and food tasting, they created a set of Cardinal Kitchen Rules which their chefs strictly adhere to in order to ensure that every meal is delivered fresh, tasty and bursting with goodness.


Through Healthy Ever After, you will find that yumminess and health can go hand in hand and partaking in their eating plans will eventually lead you to a more conscious eating lifestyle. After all, we are really what we eat and a healthy life starts with eating well.

Healthy Ever After delivers to homes or offices in Bangsar, Damansara Heights, Mont Kiara and KLCC areas, based on 2 delivery slots – 7am – 9am or 9am – 11am.

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

How about it? Wanna give one of the above healthy food delivery services a shot? Think you can handle all those #eatclean goodness? We say go for it!

If you’ve got any suggestions that you’d like us to add to list, drop us a comment in the comments box below!

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